Dear Alex

Yesterday, I was working on a client at work that is located in Florida, and it made me think about my first childhood best friend, Alex. I Googled his name to see what happened to him, because the last time we spoke we were about 18! Unfortunately, I came across his obituary, because my first childhood best friend had passed away in 2012 at the tender age of 23. I was so shocked I almost threw up! With that being said, I want to dedicate this blog post to my first childhood bff, because Alex you were one awesome dude.

Since I was a little girl my best friends have usually been male. I form emotional bonds better with men, and feel more comfortable opening up to males. I dont know why. Alex was chic at 6. He was wearing Gucci cologne when the other kids on the playground couldn’t even correctly  wash their dirty hands. We spent numerous summers together, riding our bicycles, eating ice cream, playing house, and fighting. He even gave me first kiss LOL. We drove my Barbie convertible down the street during a block party, and I let him be the driver. Alex had a very vivid imagination, one time he told me he had a laboratory underneath the floor of his home, and I believed him LOL! Alex, my childhood was amazing, and I am so honored you were a part of it. I am sad we lost touch after the Myspace days.

I hope you are enjoying the after life Alex, and I hope they buried you in Armani. I hope you were pleased with your funeral, and I hope your untimely death was painless. I hope your mother is doing well, and your brother enjoyed his 21st bday (WOW he is all grown up) I remember when he was a baby! Please take care of him, and guide him in right direction. 




3 thoughts on “Dear Alex

  1. Always such a shock when you lose someone close to you, that you lose touch with. My first roommate from college died last year and I was pretty shocked. Sad I didn’t keep in touch.

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