8 Songs They Need to QUIT Playing on the Radio

Songs get over played, and no matter how much we like them, listening to them 250,0000000 times causes us to hate a song we once loved, but you know what it is even worse than listening to a song you love get over played? Hearing songs you f******************* HATE! Dear radio stations quit airing these damn songs!

#1. Animal- Maroon 5 (on a second note please stop playing anything by Maroon 5)

#2. Break Free- Ariana Grande

#3. Don’t- Ed Sheeran Dear Ed, you’re whiny maybe that’s why Ellie cheated.

#4. Stay with me- Sam Smith

#5 Habits- Tove Lo…I liked this song before I heard it 25,000,000 times!

#6. Rude- Magic! I think it is very rude radio stations just love to play this awful jam.

#7. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift…I do love the video, but I am sick of listening to the song..maybe I will watch the video on mute.

#8 Timber- Pitbull featuring Ke$sha

Tell me a song thats overplayed!!!




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