10 Reasons 90’s Music was Exactly “What a Girl Wants”

Haha LoVE this!

F As In Frank

The 90’s were an awkward time for fashion, slang, and hairstyles, but one thing that was not awkward about the Internets’ favourite decade was the music. Back when the only Cyrus was a mullet wearin’, honky tonk lovin’ redneck named Billy, Justin Timberlake was just singing “It’s Gonna Be Me” with the rest of the fellas from ‘N Sync, and before there were Beliebers, Directioners and Swifties, the music was actually really good and inspirational. In the 90’s we learned not to touch MC Hammer, that we shouldn’t chase waterfalls, and there’s no party like an S Club party.

Disclaimer: We all know the 90’s didn’t really end until 2004!

Here is what we all loved about 90’s music:

  1. Justin still had Britney & Britney still had her sanity
    Justin then went on to get Jessica Biel, who is a 90’s star in her own way (shout out to 7

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