Steve Jobs Is THE KING of Marketing!

Elvis was the king of rock ‘ n’ roll, Michael is the king of pop and Steve Jobs is the KING of marketing, because Steve revolutionized how to get consumers. It was not about beating competition, it was about getting the consumer differently, and I just love it! 

Jobs was passionate about the products he sold, and wanted to change the world, and he fucking DID! I love passionate people that obsess over what they love. He also understood his consumers were humans, and because of this Apple’s earlier ads were very emotional; their Think Differently commercial is my love. I have watched it 100000 times because it reassures me that being the square peg in a round hole is perfectly okay. I will always dance to my own beat.


Mean Girls VS. Mean Women

Every female has gone to toe with a mean girl. I spent most of my junior high days resenting the mean girls, because I thought they had everything, but all they really had was a white binder filled with photographs, and a bunch of phony friends that thought they were so punk, because they bleached their hair and listened to Taking Back Sunday. I used to think that once junior high ended the mean girls would magically disappear, but that is not the case, because too many mean girls grow up to be mean women. 

Mean women are insecure. Mean women put down others in order to build themselves up. Mean women act immature, and stalk people all over social media, and make snide remarks about what these people are doing. Mean women need lives. If you feel the need to stalk someone on social media throughout your day, perhaps you need a new job, or  a hobby, or a second job, because you clearly have way too much time on your hands. 

Mean women pick apart other women, because they secretly pick apart themselves. It is incredibly immature to say nasty things about your ex boyfriends new girlfriend unless you personally know the girl. Move on with your life, because tearing another woman apart because your ex boyfriend is with her makes you look like a 13 year old girl. 


Snarky Confessions

In the words of USHHERRRRRRR these are myyyyyy confessionsssssssssss well some of them at least :/

#1. I hate stupid people, but sometimes I wish I was dumb. Stupid people are typically happy and don’t have high expectations for their lives. They are also easily pleased.

#2. I think most men are good, but I think most women tend to fall for the shitty ones, and after the age of 25 if you’re taste in men is still horrible its your own fault. 

#3. I don’t feel sorry for alot of people, because most of them whine instead of getting shit done.

#4. Many people don’t achieve their goals because they’re too busy talking about them and not doing. 

#5. I hate most cops. I think they’e pompous pricks with power issues. 

#6. I think most women have jealousy issues , but I think men are just as bad.

#7. I think all people freak the fuck out when they realize their youth is in the past, but they shouldn’t they made it this far..some people die young.

What are some of your confessions??

My Generation Needs To Pipe The F*** Down.

I am a Millennial. I am a part of the first generation that was significantly influenced by computers. I am a part of a generation that did not have to rely on paper maps to help them get to new places, I am a part of a generation that used words like crunk, and dude throughout high school, and I am a part of a generation that has been greatly affected by social media. I am also a part of a generation that consists of too many lazy assholes that blame others for their lack of success. Sorry kids, we have it made. Don’t know something? Fucking google it. Our parents did not have that luxury, and they got by. My generation got through college by utilizing the internet, and because of this I believe many millennials don’t know how to fucking brainstorm, and figure out shit by using their brains. 

The main advantage previous generations had that mine lacks is job security, and a good economy. We did get fucked in that department, but that does not justify being lazy and not trying to succeed. The economy will always fluctuate and so will your bank account, but that does not mean quit trying.

Dear Alex

Yesterday, I was working on a client at work that is located in Florida, and it made me think about my first childhood best friend, Alex. I Googled his name to see what happened to him, because the last time we spoke we were about 18! Unfortunately, I came across his obituary, because my first childhood best friend had passed away in 2012 at the tender age of 23. I was so shocked I almost threw up! With that being said, I want to dedicate this blog post to my first childhood bff, because Alex you were one awesome dude.

Since I was a little girl my best friends have usually been male. I form emotional bonds better with men, and feel more comfortable opening up to males. I dont know why. Alex was chic at 6. He was wearing Gucci cologne when the other kids on the playground couldn’t even correctly  wash their dirty hands. We spent numerous summers together, riding our bicycles, eating ice cream, playing house, and fighting. He even gave me first kiss LOL. We drove my Barbie convertible down the street during a block party, and I let him be the driver. Alex had a very vivid imagination, one time he told me he had a laboratory underneath the floor of his home, and I believed him LOL! Alex, my childhood was amazing, and I am so honored you were a part of it. I am sad we lost touch after the Myspace days.

I hope you are enjoying the after life Alex, and I hope they buried you in Armani. I hope you were pleased with your funeral, and I hope your untimely death was painless. I hope your mother is doing well, and your brother enjoyed his 21st bday (WOW he is all grown up) I remember when he was a baby! Please take care of him, and guide him in right direction. 



They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing.

I think this is going to be my controversial post yet, because it is about that dangerous four letter word p-o-r-n. Most people if not ALL have seen pornography, and plenty of people watch it on a regular basis. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with porn. We all have sex…period. Some people do not mind faking it on camera, and I am not going to judge them for it. I am an incredibly flawed human being, and because of it I try not to judge others. There are plenty of porn stars who are articulate, nice people that have caring hearts. Who are you to judge? For you too are a sinner.

Americans are sex obsessed, because we live in a capitalistic culture that constantly sells us sex, but then shuns us for doing it. WTF? I do understand that there are issues with pornography, and I do not agree with everything the industry sells. I am against over sexualizing young girls, but you know who else does this? The media. Yep. When Britney Spears first came onto the scene (no pun intended 🙂 she was sold as an underage teen sex pot. She was seen posing in raunchy positions under the age of 18. The same goes for Christina Aguilera who also sold sex to young girls at a young age. Porn is sex, and at least it is straight forward about it. The shampoo companies that have the sexy model orgasming in the elevator (Herbal Essences- it was an older commercial probably 2000) are being rather sneaky, because you think they are selling you a bottle of shampoo, but they are selling you so much more than that. They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing. 

 I have more respect for porn stars than farmers. I know I am so weird, I am on a whole new level of crazy ass liberal. I think porn is a job, a controversial one that is often seen as degrading but it is still a job, and in my eyes they aren’t killing anyone. 

Do some people have issues with porn? um yes, the ones that see it as real sex do! It is seriously another form of entertainment; it isn’t real sex. It is just a fantasy!

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