North Pole Denies Closings Are Due To Ebola Scare

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

North PoleDespite what you might have heard, Modern Philosophers, there is no Ebola scare at The North Pole.

While it is true that The North Pole Police Department has closed all entry points to Santa’s home, the Ebola rumors rocketing around social media are simply false.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!  I really do get a kick out of the internet rumor mill, Austin!” Santa told me as his jolly laughter filled The House on the Hill during our Skype session.  “Ebola Scare Puts Santa’s Elves On The Shelf.  That was my favorite of all the headlines that popped up on my laptop today from my Google alerts.”

Call me old fashioned, Modern Philosophers, but I don’t want to live in a world where The North Pole is wired into the internet.  I like the idea of handwritten letters arriving at The North Pole Post Office, Elves scampering down snow lined streets to…

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