Omg! Makeup Reviews!

Hey All! It’s 245am and I cannot sleep, perhaps it’s the Monster I drank at noon that is giving me this ridiculous burst of energy, but I decided to write a post on some makeup products I purchased. Some of these I have been using for quite sometime where as others I’m just testing out!

1. NYX Finishing Powder- I love this! It definitely helps makeup stay on & it’s cheap it’s $8! I’ve been using this product for well over a year. Thumbs up.

2.  Urban Decay 24 glide on eye liners. Love, love em! These eyeliners are my favorite because they do not smudge or wear off quickly right now they have a package for &39 you get 4 different ones. Normally they’re $20 each.

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. Love this  shit seriously it’s like $5 and it stays on well and doesn’t break my skin out. I hate expensive foundations they’re overrated MAC gave me breakouts & Urban Decays doesn’t do shit for me!

4.NYC Sun n Bronze this is also like $5 and I love it! Color works well on my skin tone, I’ve been using it for like a month now.

5. nYX water proof concealer so far I hate it. I bought it on Black Friday and I feel like it’s useless and doesn’t do it’s job.

6.Benefits Bad Gal mascara. I also got this on Black Friday and so far it’s blah I prefer my Urban Decay Mascara and they’re the same price $20.

WordPress is a being slow on my phone so all these products are on my Instagram! @jaclynashley79


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