#MCM Back Again- Clerks & Fast Times Oh My

I love doing MCM & WCW because I enjoy posting about my crushes (yes I do have girl crushes all females do like oh my god I wish I was as cool as her) anyways today mine are dedicated to some fellas from two of my favorite movies of all time, Clerks and Fast Times At Ridgemont High


Above is Judge Reinhold, he played Brad Hamilton in Fast Times… “I shall serve no fries before their time”, was one of his most famous lines. Judge is awesome and has also been in another one of my favorite movies (Ruthless People).

clerks ii

The two above me are double the MCM BECAUSEEEEEEE they’re from Clerks, and in case you don’t know by now Clerks III is going to happen (according to IMDB). Dante is cool, but Randal is my favorite. 

In case ya missed it you can read my post on Thought Catalog about Clerks- http://thoughtcatalog.com/jaclyn-ashley/2014/07/6-lessons-we-can-all-learn-from-clerks/


Revenge of The WTF’s!


Sometimes I just want a button installed onto my body that yells “wtf” whenever I witness, or hear some of these things. Do you agree? 

1. When people call you out for doing something they did yesterday…its like WTF!

2. When people see venting as a one way situation like you can vent to me until you’re blue in the face, however when I do it you call me out on it…its like WTF!

3. When someone repeatedly insults me, but can’t take one of my snarky ass comments back…its like WTF!

4. When people block the entire row of a grocery store, and fail to realize they’re doing this because they’re chatting on their cell phone..its like WTF!

5. When people wear clothing that clearly does not fit..its like WTF.

6. When co-workers disrespectful you at work, and get mad when you get sassy with them…its like WTF.

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My FIRST Long Awkward Pause Video!!!!!! BOY BAND LYRICS THAT SUCK!!!!

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends opening tons of presents while eating delicious fattening foods :). Now you can get to the same New Years Resolution you’ve had for the past five years, and that is to lose weight. Have fun with that. Anyways, I wanted to let you all know I am now making videos for the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME blog www.longawkwardpause.com my first video is a countdown of some of the worst boy band lyrics of all time…please take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYgvmx_WfLI the videos will get better from  here 🙂 if you have any topic suggestions please feel free to comment below.


What Hollywood Taught Us About SEX!

8987728Good Morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whatever the hell time period it is where you are reading this. Welcome to Saturday folks. This is a very special Saturday, because I haven’t posted in a while, and I was driving, and magically thought of an idea that I thought would make a great post, and guess what that is? What Hollywood Taught Us About SEX! It is super original. I know.


  1. Missionary is an enjoyable position. For the most part, in mainstream cinema, if there is a sex scene the two characters having sexual intercourse are more than likely doing it in missionary position, and they make it look like such a blast!
  2. Sex doesn’t come with consequences. How many times have you seen characters get an STD? or have a pregnancy scare? Hollywood does not like to address how important it is to practice safe sex, however one of my favorite films (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) did an amazing job at showing the potential consequences of having unprotected sex.
  3. Only hot people have sex. How many times have you seen conventionally attractive people having sex in movies, or on television? ALOT!!!!!!! In the real world, everyones doing it, your next door neighbor that looks like Weird Al if he got hit by a bus is getting laid.
  4. If you’re a teenage boy and you haven’t had sex yet there is something wrong with you! You better lose it before college if you want to prove you’re a man. Many teen comedies love to focus on some doofus trying to get laid before high school ends, and if any teen boys are reading this you’re not weird if you haven’t had sex yet. Most of your peers are exaggerating their sexual experiences to look cool. 

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Omg! Makeup Reviews!

Hey All! It’s 245am and I cannot sleep, perhaps it’s the Monster I drank at noon that is giving me this ridiculous burst of energy, but I decided to write a post on some makeup products I purchased. Some of these I have been using for quite sometime where as others I’m just testing out!

1. NYX Finishing Powder- I love this! It definitely helps makeup stay on & it’s cheap it’s $8! I’ve been using this product for well over a year. Thumbs up.

2.  Urban Decay 24 glide on eye liners. Love, love em! These eyeliners are my favorite because they do not smudge or wear off quickly right now they have a package for &39 you get 4 different ones. Normally they’re $20 each.

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. Love this  shit seriously it’s like $5 and it stays on well and doesn’t break my skin out. I hate expensive foundations they’re overrated MAC gave me breakouts & Urban Decays doesn’t do shit for me!

4.NYC Sun n Bronze this is also like $5 and I love it! Color works well on my skin tone, I’ve been using it for like a month now.

5. nYX water proof concealer so far I hate it. I bought it on Black Friday and I feel like it’s useless and doesn’t do it’s job.

6.Benefits Bad Gal mascara. I also got this on Black Friday and so far it’s blah I prefer my Urban Decay Mascara and they’re the same price $20.

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December Is The Month For Delusional People

Tis the season to be surrounded by delusion fa la la la la

For some reason, winter really brings out the crazy in the crazies to the point where people are actually surprised at how these lunatics are acting. It is kind of difficult to be shocking when you are a known lunatic, but these people know how to do it, because they’re professional crazies. What the fuck am I talking about? People that NEED a reality check. I know you know some.

The first person that needs a reality check is that one person who is so desperate to get into a relationship, because they’re friends are all engaged or married and they want to find that special someone that is going to give them butterflies and scratch their backs on Sunday morning. Winter is a time for couples, but don’t be so desperate to find someone because you will end up unhappy in the end. These types of people do not listen; it is pretty much impossible to get through to them. 

The diet whore. Girl Code said it best NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR DIET UNLESS YOU’RE EATING EVERYTHING! Seriously though, keep your diet to yourself, and all your fitness goals as well, because these types of people TALK about fitness goals, they never actually go out and attempt to achieve them. They are delusional because they think people believe them, and see the same results as them, they see a six peck, and we see nada.

Last but not least the person that likes to exaggerate their family stories to the point of, yeah that only occurred in your imagination. We all spice up a story, but we don’t make it impossible to eat.

I have some more people that need a reality check right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiR4-7Z0Qsk

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