Funny Blog Friday and Halloween Bitter Giftures

too funny!

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So here is the image.  In case you couldn’t tell by the image above, it is FBF or Funny Blog Friday for those that can’t read.

When I first moved to Seattle, my brother in law(and his family) had just moved here too.  When he moved to another house, he forgot his valued high school sweatshirt.  So one day, out of the kindness of our hearts (by ours I mean not mine) we brought it back to him.  He said he didn’t want it, and told us to keep it.  So of course, we didn’t listen and left it there.  This set off an epic battle of hide and seek in which we traded the sweatshirt back and forth at each other’s houses and found better hiding spots for it each time.  While I think we have the sweatshirt to this day, we won the battle and the war when we found a picture online of a scarecrow that prompted our final…

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