American Sweetheart IS a Cold Blooded Killer

If you don’t get on the internet much, or never watch HLN, or haven’t watched the news, you may not know who Jodi Arias is. She was convicted of first degree murder in the brutal slaying of her ex boyfriend, Travis Alexander, but her  jury could not decide whether or not she should get life or death. She is currently going through another trial which will help seal her fate. America is sorta kinda infatuated with her, because she looks like the girl next door every guy wanted to date, and every girl wanted to look like. She is young, soft spoken, attractive and very articulate, which are traits most people would never associate with a cold hearted killer. 

I honestly do not believe she will get the death penalty, because she is female, young and attractive. I am not trying to be shallow, or unreasonable, but in America it is very uncommon for females to get the death penalty, and when they do it is usually for killing children. 

The case has a shit ton of stuff Americans love- sex, beauty, and scandal! What do you think?


2 thoughts on “American Sweetheart IS a Cold Blooded Killer

  1. I never kept up with her case and didn’t know anything about her until they did the Lifetime network movie. She was quite the obsessive. It’s hard not to believe she wouldn’t get death, cause that was a brutal murder.

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