Why Do Some Women Remain Teenagers?

Good Morning, or Good Afternoon  to whoever the fuck is reading this 🙂 Today, like every other Sunday is Snarky Sunday :), I will be posting a video shortly, but it is NOT what I wanted, because last week I ordered a green screen, and it STILL HAS NOT FUCKING CAME YET! I am extremely pissed off, and hope to get it by Tuesday (I sent them a nice, little, snide email) The reason why I am mad is because I was told it was shipped out on Tuesday, but when I checked the ups tracking number it said it had not been shipped yet ugh! 

Anyways, I know you do not want to read my whiny, babbling, but today I would like to discuss “competitive friends”. I am sure you have them, or had them at one point, because we all experience this especially us females. Other women that want to compete with us over the dumbest shit, or just enjoy taking digs at us for our their own amusement, fucking obnoxious! I seriously hate it when people want to elaborate on how much better they are at me at doing something, as if I fucking care! It is super childish, and rather annoying. Why do some women remain teenagers? Why don’t some women grow the fuck up? Not everything is a competition, and REAL friends pat you on the back when you succeed they don’t try to turn your victory into their success. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in this world that are only out for themselves, and really do not care about your feelings, which is probably a huge reason as to why I am a snarky asshole. 

I CAN be competitive, but in a humorous way, everything I do in life I try to do it with humor. I am a damn clown, and usually the comic relief in all situations, and I love making people laugh. I hate it when people challenge my humor, it really pisses me off, because I am pretty damn good at making people laugh, and really want to learn more about writing comedy! Even assholes love a good laugh. 

If you are an adult woman that likes to make competition out of dumb stuff then you need to wake up sunshine, and grow the fuck up 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Some Women Remain Teenagers?

  1. I am a teenager however I’ve been told I’m going on 30. As you may also note I am a feminist I don’t see women as competition I see them as friends and that we should all stand together (Check my blog.) I understand that women will always see eachother as competition until we change it. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

  2. It’s so cliche to say but what women lack in confidence they make up for in jealousy. It’s always the insecure jealous ones that need to make everything a competition (not to say I haven’t been there myself)

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