The Truth About Curves

I am on my way out right now, because I have a date with SLEEP, but I wanted to get this quick post up, because it is always a hot topic, and that is “body image”, and the subject of curves. Below are women I consider to be “curvy”


A curvy woman is at a healthy weight with a good hip to waist ratio, but these days it seems as if people are using the term as a nice way to describe a woman that is “overweight”, and this pisses me off! Both of these women are FAR from being overweight, and I would take JLO’s figure over a Victoria Secret models body any day of the week (no offense to them as they are all beautiful too) I am just all about that bass :). 

America has an obesity problem, and while we should not “fat shame”, or scorn anyone for their weight, because that is plain mean, and only makes the problem even worse, we should not be calling women who are unhealthy “curvy”, because I personally think it sends a negative message. I do think it is important for society to embrace all different shapes, and sizes, because we all do not look the same and if we did how fucking boring would the world be? We need to make sure we promote health, and being a good weight for our height/body frame, not sugarcoating a health problem with “curvy”!!!!


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