Man Crush Monday is BACK!

You probably do not know this BUT two of my favorite flicks are Heathers and Mean Girls. Mean Girls was inspired by the dark comedy, Heathers, and I can seriously sit there and watch them both over and over again, because they do not get old. I love Heathers, because they say things like “you’re such a pillow case”, and “bulimia was so 87”. It also brings up a deep point at the end of the film when the school was about to get blown up, the world is quite similar to high school, people genuinely get along with people who are like themselves. We really do not get along with those that we cannot relate to.

Mean Girls was hilarious, and showcased how females are so fucking mean to each other, and how we just love to screw with each other’s heads, and target those we see as weaker. What is awesome about both of these teen flicks is they were directed by men, and to me that is pure irony. They are the man crush Monday’s this week.

Michael Lehmann- Director of Heathers!


Mark Water- Director of Mean Girls


4 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday is BACK!

  1. Mean girls is my absolute favourite too. I could watch it again and again and quote along with every line. That movie, in my opinion, is the most quotable movie ever. Considering how many times I’ve watched it, you’d think I’d know the director was a guy…but I just found out after reading this. And it’s pretty damn ironic, I don’t know how he must have handled the amount of oestrogen in that movie. 😛

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