Remember When Facebook Was Cool?

Social media has drastically changed society. It altered how we communicate with people, and made it possible for random shit to be seen by millions in a matter of minutes. There are people that are dying to know the secret to making something go viral, and one of them is me! There really isn’t any sort of formula, if something strikes peoples fancy they will share it. In my opinion, Myspace was the original mama of social media, because it allowed people to share content, make new friends, and lurk. I think it’s main problem was its design made it incredibly easy to outgrow, and Facebook attracted a bigger demographic, causing Myspace’s ship to go crash and sink! 

I remember I opened a Facebook account in 2006, and thought it was stupid, because it told people when I became friends with someone! It informed people when I changed my profile photo, and it let me people when the relationship status got altered. It had a white background and was  virtually unappealing. At the time, I loved Myspace because I could change the background, add really cool photos and post annoying surveys I answered that nobody really gave  a rat’s ass about. 

Over time, Facebook grew on me, but I fucking HATE IT! I get sick and tired of people snooping. It is like snooping has consumed their lives, and people cannot communicate like they used to! It has also made adults morph back into whiny little bratty children. People are always bitching, or posting shit that is meant to be private. This type of behavior has inspired my next video…which will be posted on Saturday! Hope you watch. I do fucking hate Facebook but I do have a page where I post snarky memes, and other content… but Twitter is my main bitch @jaclynashley79 Good Night folks…I wish you all a bunch of sarcastic dreams! 


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