MYOB-Remember This Acronym?

“I found your nose, it was in my business again” Have you seen this meme? 

It reminded me of a post I wrote in regards to curious people versus flat out fucking nosy people that just want to be in everyone’s business. There are so many people in the world that cannot seem to just mind their own business. They think everyone else’s life pertains to them, and sorry sunshine, but it does not! Some of you may play your nosiness as curiosity or concern. Sorry bitches you are not fooling ANYONE here! Here is a list of stuff that nosy ass people tend to do.

  • They try to get in your business by playing off the “I am worried about you or concerned about you” card. They may ask were you really sick the other day? Are you feeling okay? Or something like that to figure out why you missed work, or ditched class. Solution: Give them a vague one word answer, because it is the polite way to tell someone to shut the fuck up.
  • They tell you everything about their lives in hopes of figuring out every last detail about yours. Still not fooling anyone. I only act like an idiot, but I am secretly a genius. Solution: Just listen to them and when they try to get into your personal life change the subject.
  • They try to make YOU look like the nosy one, mhm yes I have had this happen to me before. They want to know everything about everyone, and have fake social media profiles in order to snoop yet I am the nosy one in everyones business. Solution: I ignored their snide remarks, because they were not worth my time.
  • They Facebook stalk you and go snooping at all your friend’s profiles too, but they are open about it like it is something to be proud of! We all snoop don’t deny it but we keep the juice to ourselves! Solution: Don’t post anything juicy on Facebook be boring it will keep the lurkers away.

So, I am going to be posting more videos- if you havent seen it yet my guest post was posted on Monday:  on I am thinking of doing Sunday Rant Vlogs along with more parodies and Snarky TV. 


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