People I DONT Feel Sorry For!

What is up my snarky peeps? This is a special post to make your Sunday a weeeee bit snarkier :)! For the most, I dont really have alot of sympathy for people, because most people know the solutions to their problems, but they fail to solve their issues because playing the victim card makes the game appear much better! Here are people I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR!

1. People complaining about how broke they are, but they are only working a part time job 15 hours a week, and refuse to go out and find more work. Keep complaining have fun, because that will definitely add zeros in your bank account.

2. Overweight people that complain about how lethargic they feel, and how horrible their life is because of their weight, but all they do is eat Snickers bars and Burger King, and refuse to exercise. 

3. Women that are always bashing men and complaining about horrible they are meanwhile they only date assholes. THEY CHOOSE TO DATE THEM! YOU CHOOSE WHO YOU DATE! (At least in America!)

4. Girls in their late 20’s that get played by their significant others. This is insensitive of me, but I think when you reach a certain age you wake up and have this magical thing called experience nestled under your belt, and with that comes a new wave of wisdom, and with this you are able to determine who the assholes are and who the genuine men are. Teenage girls getting their hearts broken, I feel your pain, but grown ass women suck it up, you should know better by now!

5. Big DREAMERS that get mad when they fail, because they expected everyone else to build the fucking dream for them! If you have a dream, good, I have plenty, but I build my own dreams, I dont expect people to come on in and make them for me. Don’t cry when it doesnt work out, because you wanted someone else to do all the work for you and they didnt!


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