High School Superlatives Redefined!

Remember High School? The four years of your life you cannot seem to let go of, because it was such a revolutionary time in your life. Please excuse my sarcasm, because I honestly did not hate High School. I went to two different ones, and did not mind the experience. I was ready to graduate, because I hated school and was just over it, but sometimes I wish I could go back to hear a bell ring, or experience racing to get to the door before class started, or listen to teenage girls gossip about stupid teenage topics. Sigh. Anyways, everyone probably remembers their yearbook, and voting for superlatives. Today, I want to add a bit of snark to the traditional high school superlatives, because I think the typical “Best Hair”, and “Most Likely To Succeed” are rather boring. 


I think “Most likely to lose their looks first” is a great choice, because unfortunately, a significant amount of the pretty girls and attractive guys in high school lose their looks before the age of 25. Looks come with an expiration date.

I also think “Most Unlikely Person To Succeed”, because everyone always think the ones with 4,0 gpas who are participating in every extracurricular activity will become the next Bill Gates, or President, but in reality there are plenty of “bad” kids that grow up to be more successful, because they think outside of the box. Nodding your head and listening to everyone will get you a job, but questioning stuff and thinking up different ideas will make you the boss.

“Most likely to become a pornstar”, I think this is a funny one, because I guarantee you there is some girl, or guy I went to high school with that now markets themselves with xxx next to their name. Good for them, I hope they are rolling in the dough.

“Best Comebacks” you know there was that smart ass who always put everyone in their place with a line or two, lets give them a place on that superlative page.



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