I Love You Joan Rivers- R.I.P. I hope You Are Giving The Finger To Haters From Heaven

I love Joan Rivers. When I found out she passed away, I was driving in my car and instantly started crying, because for some bizarre reason, I felt like we were related. I read numerous comments claiming that she was a mean, angry, horrible person, and I have to disagree! If you watch her documentaries you will see her assistant worked with her for over a decade. Do you think someone would assist someone for that period of time if they were an asshole? NO!!! Joan used to pay for her worker’s children’s college tuition and sent them to private schools! 

I think Joan Rivers is one hell of an icon. I love people that are not afraid to speak their opinion, and I think many of the times she happened to say what everyone else was afraid to say. She was hilarious. I am sorry but some people are a bit too uptight! She worked very, very hard to earn her way to the top, and opened up the doors for many female comedians.  Comedy has always been run by men, and it is okay for men to have filthy mouths, but women have to always be lady like. I am totally kidding, but you must remember she became a star in the 60’s and women were seen much differently. In 2014, it is more acceptable for women to drop F bombs and make crude remarks, but back then it didnt fly well.

I think Joan Rivers was a crazy, hilarious woman that pushed everyone’s buttons, but she pushed the right buttons. She was a bit insensitive at times, but so am I! Nobody is perfect; I am going to miss her on the fashion police :(. I hope you rest in peace Joan. I think you were an incredible woman, and you gave millions of people a ton of laughs. You were fearless and always said whatever the fuck you wanted!!!! GO JOAN!


3 thoughts on “I Love You Joan Rivers- R.I.P. I hope You Are Giving The Finger To Haters From Heaven

    1. Hahaha I know! I love her! People take stuff way to seriously at times! It’s all humor in the end & she was often her biggest target when telling jokes!

  1. Reblogged this on Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby and commented:
    So in the wake of the departure of girl power, trailblazing, button pusher Joan Rivers I would like to share this post because it is awesome and also because I am too lazy to write one of my own.

    Regardless of how you felt about the comedy Joan Rivers put out you gotta give it to her that she busted through glass ceilings for women and she made people laugh with the sugar-free truth. I think she was amazing and with her death I find myself asking WWJD – what would Joan do??

    Should I post that thought, that topic? Well WWJD?! Joan may your rowdy humor inspire us all to ask WWJD and post that shit without thinking twice!

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