Is This Some Joke They Are Trying to Pull on Us?- Wed Night Go Out Right

What’s up my snarky internet friends? I have compiled another list of songs for ya! Listen to em!

  • Flat Top- The Goo Goo Dolls- It is political, and interesting. It discusses how the television altered the way we think, and how we see things. One of my favorite lines in the song is “shows me what to love and who I am supposed to be”, because let’s face it television is a very powerful medium and changed society for better and for worse. Here is the video:
  • What It Feels Like-Madonna- A great song from from one of my favorite artist’s Madonna. I love its feminist message along with the awesome video.
  • Thriller- Michael Jackson- If you havent seen or heard of this song/video you are probably wearing diapers, or have been living under a rock chilling with some pink worms, because this is one of the most famous music videos EVER!
  • What’s Going On- 4 Non Blondes I just dig this song! I love Linda Perry she’s a bad ass.

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