#MCM Dj’s in Arizona & LA!

This week’s MCM’s are dedicated to Arizona and LA Djs. ENJOY!

1. DJ Tranzit

He found success djing throughout Arizona, and continues to experience success in the industry. Check out one of his videos!


2. DJmunition

He is quite young, and is currently attending ASU along with djing. Check out his sound cloud!

3. DJ Mustard

His debut album was released TODAY! He produced songs for one of my favorites rappers, YG.



What You Learn to NOT Put Up With in Your 20’s!!!

mean girls


1. Fake Friends- You probably had some in middle school and maybe a few throughout high school, because you cared about where you stood socially, but once you get into adulthood you stop caring about how many phone numbers are in your phone. You learn how important it is to have real friends who care about you and ditch the ones who are only there when they want something.

2. You Learn to Tolerate Your Enemies- Part of life is getting along with people you dislike. You will work with people you strongly dislike, deal with friends spouses you dont like, date people who have friends you dislike, but you will learn how to communicate in a diligent manner. 

3. You Learn How Quickly Looks Fade- When you are younger it is easy to think that looks are everything, and pretty people have it made, and that isnt the case. I went to high school with some girls that looked like FHM models and at 26 their beauty is long behind them. It is more important to have a personality, because that is what will get you far in life.

4. You Will Learn NOT to Put Up With Bullshit from the People you Date- You will see the radar signs quickly and can dodge the bullets before they are even shot at you!!!!

Sorry Facebook We Had to Break Up For Now

I deactivated my Facebook, and I am glad I did! I love social media, and using Facebook for business purposes, but I am over using it for my personal use, because I honestly block half of my friends from my newsfeed. I will take Twitter and Instagram over Facebook any day of the week! 

I think I am outgrowing Facebook LOL, I feel like I go back in time when I log in, and I am not a teenage girl anymore, and I have no desire to feel like one. What are your thoughts on Facebook? And social media in general?

#WCW Beauty Gurus

I absolutely love watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, and over the years have learned so much about different products and makeup techniques!! Here are this week’s #WCWs!!!

1.Elle Fowler- She is incredibly classy and has a great sense of style! Check out her latest video!


2. Letzmakeup- She offers in depth celebrity makeup tutorials along with hauls and vlogs. Chek out her Cheryl Cole tutorial


3. Iwanted2c1video- I LOVE BETHANY’S videos!! She always uses inexpensive products and she is incredibly talented. Some of her tutorials are great for Halloween!


Chocolate Cake Makes You Happy and It Doesn’t Do Shit For Me!!


I have a brand new pet peeve, and it is when people think that what makes them happy will also make me happy. I am not your average, everyday type of a person, and I never will be. It seems like every female around my age wants one thing: marriage, and I am going to have to pass on that right now. I am not the kind of woman you can easily domesticate period. I will never settle. EVER! I have seen people settle with my own two eyes and watched how miserable they became, and I will not make the same mistakes. I will marry someone I am crazy about and accepts me for who I am. When that guy comes into my life that will be great, but I am happy regardless. I am incredibly independent and suffer from this horrible condition called high self-esteem. 

Let me tell you this, just because you enjoy eating chocolate cake does not mean I enjoy it. You cannot always assume everyone wants what you want, because we are all unique and that is what makes the world go round. I am tired of being asked have I found a boyfriend yet? I am sick of hearing about marriage. I am an intelligent, sarcastic, outgoing, funny chick who is not worried about a biological clock, because when God created me he forgot to add that in. When I find someone that compliments my personality and doesn’t disrespect me or try to use me then I will tie the knot! I have so many goals I want to achieve and marriage is not high on the list at the moment. 

Bottom line is we all have different wants/desires and you cannot think others want what you want.

#MCM Humor is the Ultimate Sexy!

Yay, it is Monday and the only good thing about Monday is #MCM. This weeks man crush Mondays are some incredibly talented and funny men! ENJOY!


  1. Chris Pratt- OMG!!! He is looking amazing, but he has always been sexy. He is super funny and is part of my favorite Hollywood couple. 


2. Nate- From Youtube Channel- Natesvlogs; this dude is hilarious. He is really sarcastic and loves to make fun of shitty employees.


3. Paul Rudd- I have had a crush since Clueless! Watch him melt Cher’s heart!

4. Soren Bowie- LOVE his posts on Cracked!




I Don’t Like Nice Guys

Nice guys finish last.

She doesn’t like me because, I am nice. She likes assholes.

I am a nice guy, therefore I don’t understand why she doesnt want to go out with me.

I fucking hate it when guys say stuff like this, because it makes them look like insecure little boys. I also dislike it, because I feel like they are summing up who they are with one vague word-nice. WTF!

I also think guys use those lines when they attempted to date someone that clearly showed zero interest in them to begin with. Just because you see yourself as “nice” doesnt mean every girl you wish to date is obligated to date you. There could be a variety of reasons as to why someone doesn’t want to date you- maybe you lack ambition, or your lazy, or she doesn’t feel like you two have anything in common. 

I personally don’t want to date a guy that is always nice, and plays the nice guy card, because I am a great person, but I get moody, bitchy and sassy. I highly doubt a guy that defines himself as the nice guy could put up with me, and I wouldn’t blame him. I need a guy that’s sarcastic, intelligent, genuine, and is not afraid to be an asshole sometimes, because unfortunately, there are times when I have to act like a bitch; if I don’t people will attempt to take advantage of me. 

Happy Sunday! xoxoxoxox