Sensitive RUDE People!

How is everyone doing? I am on my lunch break, and just HAVE to express my thoughts in regards to certain people that make my blood boil.

EVERYONE can be sensitive. We do not like people picking apart our flaws, or reminding us of them, because it sucks. Plain and simple. Now, there IS  a major different between constructive criticism, and tearing someone apart just for the hell of it.

There are people in this world who are sensitive, pussy cats, but have the nerve to constantly ask rude questions, or make snide remarks. I will give you a perfect example: “you know how when you gain weight your face gets bigger”, um yes I am 26 years old, I do believe by now I am very well aware of how my body chooses to display my fat cells! I could have said something rude, but I bit my tongue, because that comment did not offend me; it annoyed me. I have a very thick skin, so when I dish it I can take it. I am not a sensitive person, however I am sensitive towards other people’s feelings.  

Another example is when dumb people feel the need to try and insinuate I am stupid! I can be a bit of an airhead, but I am far from lacking in the intelligent department. I’ve had plenty of idiots attack my intelligence only to get annoyed when I said something rude about them. If you are a sensitive person don’t be rude.

My final example, do not make rude remarks about someones appearance and get all offended when someone calls you out on your physical flaws. If you hate being the victim, then don’t victimize!


2 thoughts on “Sensitive RUDE People!

  1. I try to be sensitive to people’s feeling and pretty much let comments about me roll off. I don’t like to be insulted about my intelligence though. People just have no idea unless they really know you.

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