What You Learn to NOT Put Up With in Your 20’s!!!

mean girls


1. Fake Friends- You probably had some in middle school and maybe a few throughout high school, because you cared about where you stood socially, but once you get into adulthood you stop caring about how many phone numbers are in your phone. You learn how important it is to have real friends who care about you and ditch the ones who are only there when they want something.

2. You Learn to Tolerate Your Enemies- Part of life is getting along with people you dislike. You will work with people you strongly dislike, deal with friends spouses you dont like, date people who have friends you dislike, but you will learn how to communicate in a diligent manner. 

3. You Learn How Quickly Looks Fade- When you are younger it is easy to think that looks are everything, and pretty people have it made, and that isnt the case. I went to high school with some girls that looked like FHM models and at 26 their beauty is long behind them. It is more important to have a personality, because that is what will get you far in life.

4. You Will Learn NOT to Put Up With Bullshit from the People you Date- You will see the radar signs quickly and can dodge the bullets before they are even shot at you!!!!


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