Chocolate Cake Makes You Happy and It Doesn’t Do Shit For Me!!


I have a brand new pet peeve, and it is when people think that what makes them happy will also make me happy. I am not your average, everyday type of a person, and I never will be. It seems like every female around my age wants one thing: marriage, and I am going to have to pass on that right now. I am not the kind of woman you can easily domesticate period. I will never settle. EVER! I have seen people settle with my own two eyes and watched how miserable they became, and I will not make the same mistakes. I will marry someone I am crazy about and accepts me for who I am. When that guy comes into my life that will be great, but I am happy regardless. I am incredibly independent and suffer from this horrible condition called high self-esteem. 

Let me tell you this, just because you enjoy eating chocolate cake does not mean I enjoy it. You cannot always assume everyone wants what you want, because we are all unique and that is what makes the world go round. I am tired of being asked have I found a boyfriend yet? I am sick of hearing about marriage. I am an intelligent, sarcastic, outgoing, funny chick who is not worried about a biological clock, because when God created me he forgot to add that in. When I find someone that compliments my personality and doesn’t disrespect me or try to use me then I will tie the knot! I have so many goals I want to achieve and marriage is not high on the list at the moment. 

Bottom line is we all have different wants/desires and you cannot think others want what you want.


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