I Don’t Like Nice Guys

Nice guys finish last.

She doesn’t like me because, I am nice. She likes assholes.

I am a nice guy, therefore I don’t understand why she doesnt want to go out with me.

I fucking hate it when guys say stuff like this, because it makes them look like insecure little boys. I also dislike it, because I feel like they are summing up who they are with one vague word-nice. WTF!

I also think guys use those lines when they attempted to date someone that clearly showed zero interest in them to begin with. Just because you see yourself as “nice” doesnt mean every girl you wish to date is obligated to date you. There could be a variety of reasons as to why someone doesn’t want to date you- maybe you lack ambition, or your lazy, or she doesn’t feel like you two have anything in common. 

I personally don’t want to date a guy that is always nice, and plays the nice guy card, because I am a great person, but I get moody, bitchy and sassy. I highly doubt a guy that defines himself as the nice guy could put up with me, and I wouldn’t blame him. I need a guy that’s sarcastic, intelligent, genuine, and is not afraid to be an asshole sometimes, because unfortunately, there are times when I have to act like a bitch; if I don’t people will attempt to take advantage of me. 

Happy Sunday! xoxoxoxox



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