I love music. I was pretty much born with a cassette tape coming out of my mouth. I remember being two years old sitting down and watching Madonna’s Express Yourself  & Paula Abdul’s totally lame video, Opposites Attract. Here is a list of some horrible, but good tunes you can listen to start off your day on the snarky side of the bed!




4. Salt-N-Pepa Push It

5. Toni Basil- Mickey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E-Zrg9CB_Q **FUN FACT TONI WAS ALMOST 40 IN THIS VIDEO**

6. Britney Spears- Baby One More Time ***the video that launched a pop icon’s career***




This week’s MCM’s are dedicated to actors from a few of my favorite television shows!

1. David Faustino  gained fame as the lovable Bud Bundy, on the hit show Married With Children. This is one of my favorite television shows of ALL time, because the Bundy’s pushed television boundaries and they were hilarious. Faustino continues to work in Hollywood as both an onscreen and voiceover actor!


2. Ricardo Antonio Chavira

He was half of my favorite couple on Wisteria Lane! I loved the Solis’s, because their characters made a total 360 by the end of the series. Ricardo is currently acting on the CBS show Bad Teacher.


3. Evan Peters

Have you seen American Horror Story? If not, please watch it! I LOVE LOVE how the storyline changes every season, because it is like watching a brand new show. They bring back many of the same actors, however they play different characters; it is brilliant. Evan Peters is an excellent actor, he literally sucks you into his characters. I love him as Tate in the first season, because even though the character was completely insane, and murdered a bunch of his classmates, I still kinda, sorta liked him.





I Am All About That Bass

If you haven’t heard this song yet take a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk

It is by Meghan Trainor, a new artist that was recently signed by L.A. Reid. The girl has talent, she cannot even legally drink yet and she has already established herself as a successful song writer. When I was 20, my best accomplishment was going to a party without ending up being the dumbest drunk in the room, sigh. 

Anyways, I think the song is cute, catchy and fun to listen to. That’s it. I have read a few articles in which feminist writers tore the song apart, because Meghan explains how boys like a little more booty to hold at night, which they felt sent a negative message. I am all for women empowerment, but some feminists get on my last fucking nerve, because I feel like they just want to bitch. I am a heterosexual woman, and as a heterosexual woman I do want to be attractive to males, because that is how nature designed me! There is nothing wrong with wanting guys to find you attractive, and most guys like curves. They signify health. The only issue I have is I dislike how they portrayed the slim brunette as the skinny bitch, because that sends a negative message. Beauty is thin. Beauty is curvy. Beauty is athletic. Beauty is thick. Beauty is chubby. 

One blogger pissed me off, because she basically insinuated the song was about being “plus sized”, and Meghan is no where near being plus sized. She is an average sized girl. She is very cute, she is that girl we want to be friends with. The song is a fun way to show she embraces her body, because Hollywood is a thin obsessed town.

Sensitive RUDE People!

How is everyone doing? I am on my lunch break, and just HAVE to express my thoughts in regards to certain people that make my blood boil.

EVERYONE can be sensitive. We do not like people picking apart our flaws, or reminding us of them, because it sucks. Plain and simple. Now, there IS  a major different between constructive criticism, and tearing someone apart just for the hell of it.

There are people in this world who are sensitive, pussy cats, but have the nerve to constantly ask rude questions, or make snide remarks. I will give you a perfect example: “you know how when you gain weight your face gets bigger”, um yes I am 26 years old, I do believe by now I am very well aware of how my body chooses to display my fat cells! I could have said something rude, but I bit my tongue, because that comment did not offend me; it annoyed me. I have a very thick skin, so when I dish it I can take it. I am not a sensitive person, however I am sensitive towards other people’s feelings.  

Another example is when dumb people feel the need to try and insinuate I am stupid! I can be a bit of an airhead, but I am far from lacking in the intelligent department. I’ve had plenty of idiots attack my intelligence only to get annoyed when I said something rude about them. If you are a sensitive person don’t be rude.

My final example, do not make rude remarks about someones appearance and get all offended when someone calls you out on your physical flaws. If you hate being the victim, then don’t victimize!

#WCW Check Out These Models!

Hey all it is that time again, and today we are focusing on different types of models! Please check them out.

1. This is Monreudy Aislinn, she is one of my friends and a FABULOUS model! She has been strutting her stuff in front of the camera for a long time, and has appeared in calenders, runways shows and done plenty of shoots! She is currently residing in the Southern California region, so any photographers looking to book her can contact her through her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MonreudyAislinn



2. Ms. Jaclyn Swedberg, she is such a natural beauty. She was Playboy playmate of the year in 2012, and continues to model, host and act.


3. Cara Delevingne, a Victoria Secret model known her fierce eyebrows and sassy personality! I love this girl!!



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Shit Pretty People Get Away With

Pretty people get away with shit. It sucks, but it is the truth. Pretty people can get away with being weird, quirky or even strange, because it makes them more interesting, or people perceive it as “sexy”. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are perfect examples of this. Do you think Angelina could have gotten away with tongue kissing her brother at an award show, or wearing a necklace that had Billy Bob Thornton’s blood in it if she wasnt hot? Nope, probably not. I heard Johnny Depp used to go to the 21 Jump Street set with rats in his pockets! If he were ugly he would have been labeled a lunatic. 

Pretty people can also break the law, and get national attention for breaking the law and looking sexy while doing it. Last month, Jeremy Meeks was arrested, and his mugshot went viral, because he is sexy, oh my god those cheek bones and green eyes. If you Google hot felon he comes up; it is obscene. Apparently, he scored a modeling contract, welcome to America, where getting arrested for being in a gang sweep can make you famous. What will they do next create “Dancing with a felon”?

I guarantee you Casey Anthony would have never been acquitted if she was unattractive. I think her good looks played a vital role in avoiding prison time. According to The Daily Mail, attractiveness is associated with beauty, kindness and athletic ability. They discussed an experiment which was done and concluded that attractive defendants were judged less harshly than those that were not.

In the end, pretty people get away with shit and that is just the way the cookie crumbles. Want to read that Daily Mail article click here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-443754/Ugly-defendants-likely-guilty-attractive-ones.html

Most Guys Can’t Take Rejection

It has happened to ALL of us, you develop feelings for someone, and let them know; when you do you are confronted by these terrible words, “I just don’t feel the same way.” Nobody likes to be rejected. It sucks. It can make you feel down and blue, or cause you to question what the fuck is wrong with me? Why doesnt this person like me? There could be a number of reasons as to why that person does not want to date you, and as we mature we realize this and dont take rejection personally. I know I dont. I think I can take rejection like a grain of salt, because I am very confident in myself. If a guy doesnt like me, he doesnt like me! So what! There are plenty of fish in the sea.

I wish more guys thought like I do, because it seems like every time I reject a guy they get defensive, rude and take it personally. I have a number of reasons as to why I will not date a guy. Below is a list.

  1.  We don’t have anything in common. 
  2. You are too sensitive.
  3. You are insecure and clingy.
  4. You try too hard to be funny.
  5. I am not physically attracted to you.
  6. You are totally cool with insulting other people, but the second you become the target for the insult you whine like a little baby. Ugh. Get away from me.

Some guys like to play the whole “she doesnt like me because I am a nice guy”, card no dumb ass I dont like you because I dont like you. Get over it! I have had some guys go as far as to write rude comments on my Facebook posts to lift up their spirits. This made him look like a child. Sorry bro, part of life is getting rejected and you are a grown man you should have taken it like a champ especially because I never gave you any signs that I was interested in you to begin with!

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