Sex Tape Wasn’t About Sex

Sex might be in the title of the latest Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel flick, however it is not really what the film is about. In an effort to bring back the magic they once had in the bedroom, the couple decides to get drunk and film themselves having sex. They have a great time, and the next morning Annie played by Cameron Diaz tells her husband, Jay to delete the tape, but what does he do? Can you take a guess? HE DOESNT DELETE THE FUCKING TAPE! It gets synced to all of their friend’s ipads and they begin freaking out! 

Here is why this film is really not about the infamous three letter word. This film is about marriage and how the hustle and bustle of everyday life can cause a marriage to lose its excitement. It was kind of depressing, because in the beginning of the movie we see a flashback of how their relationship used to be versus the present. I have never been married. nor do I have children, but this film led me to believe that eventually domestic life becomes repetitive and boring.

It had the typical happy ending, because they get the tape off the ipads and nobody important ends up seeing it.  They also realize they still have the same sexual connection as they did when they were younger. 

I think this film was boring. I was expecting a full blown comedy with never ending laughs, but instead felt sort of depressed when the credits began rolling. I give this film a C rating. check it out when it goes on Redbox. Do not waste your money seeing it at the theaters.


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