Incredibly “Intelligent” Questions

When we were younger our teachers informed us that there is no such thing as a “stupid” question, and then as our lives progressed we realized that many people lack common sense, and this causes them to ask incredibly DUMB questions! I have compiled a list of stupid ass questions I have been asked.

1. Are your boobs real? Yes, they are 100% human fat.

2. Is that a zit on your face? No, it is a growing horn, I am turning into a unicorn.

3. Did you dye your hair? Meanwhile it clearly is three shades lighter than yesterday. No, my cat pissed on my head and the color miraculously stayed.

4. What nationality are you? American. “Yes I know that”…You mean what ethnicity am I? #dumbasses

5. Are you sun burned? No, I just woke up and decided to put blush all over my body.

6. Do you get hit on by alot of black guys? No, but I get hit on by plenty of black cats and dogs.

7. Was your family in the mafia? Yes, my poppy used to drink coffee with John Gotti.

8. Do you even know what that word means? No, I have the vocabulary of a six year old with mute parents.

Comments, comments!!! Tell me some stupid ass questions you have been asked!!!! Tweet me @jaclynashley79



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