#WCW Charlotte Alter

Today, my #wcw is Charlotte Alter because she is an amazing writer and inspired my latest blog entry. READ her article in TIME defending the blonde bombshell.



Defending a Pop Culture Icon

She is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Her unrealistic body proportions have raised countless of eyebrows, and her glamorous lifestyle filled with dream houses and expensive sports cars  dubbed her materialistic. She is a plastic doll. She isn’t real, but she has played a substantial role in pop culture history, and a beneficial one indeed, which is why I am going to defend her.

To some Barbie emulates the epitome of western culture standards of beauty, due to her straight blonde hair, big eyes and tiny nose. Her influence has caused some women to undergo thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery in order to achieve her unattainable look. Those women more than likely suffer from body dysmorphic disease, because millions of young girls have owned a Barbie and they’re not running to Dr. 90210 to alter their appearance. I do not believe Barbie plays a vital role in contributing to eating disorders, nor do I think she is the cause for many to suffer from them.

According to Time Magazine, Barbie has been “employed” every year since she made her way onto toy store shelves back in 1959. Some of her professions include doctor, astronaut, and fashion editor. In 2014, Entrepreneur Barbie made its debut, and I think that is fantastic. Throughout her 55 years, Barbie has maintained a relationship, succeeded in numerous careers and won millions of children’s hearts.

Barbie has contributed a positive message to adolescent girls, but unfortunately when people think of the iconic doll, the first thought that comes to mind is her looks. Even though Barbie is just a plastic toy, she suffers from the same problems that other famous icons endured, like Marilyn Monroe, she is remembered mostly for her looks. I believe this is a problem, because it shows how shallow society is. People are so obsessed with the way someone appears or in this case something, they often dismiss other important attributes about them.

Barbie is a representation of a beautiful woman, but she also represents independence. She sends some great messages about achieving career goals, imagination and dreaming big. Her latest campaign is called #unapologetic and it is all about not apologizing for being who you are. Nobody should ever feel the need to apologize for being who they are, unless they are murderers or animal abusers.


What’s up people? Today, is #MCM and I have two!

Both of these dudes create content for two of my favorite websites, Thoughtcatalog and Buzzfeed. 

Scott Muska- He knows how to explain why some people are so fucking annoying they drive you to click the infamous unfriend button. Here’s his article:


The second one is Andrew Ziegler; he creates content for the best site in the world BUZZFEED, and he created a nose picking quiz. Doesn’t get any better than that!



Why SOME Christians Get On My Last Nerve!

Happy Sunday folks 🙂

Let me make this clear, I am not an Atheist, I believe in God and I believe Jesus was God’s son, however I am not a fan of many Christians, because I believe they are poor representations of what Jesus was. I believe Jesus was a laid back guy that preached love, forgiveness and turning the other cheek when someone did you wrong. He explained that we are all sinners for imperfections make us human. 

I know my opinions can be rather biased because I have not met every Christian and every Atheist, but I have met more Atheists that have more morals than “Christians” and the most judgmental people I have ever come across happen to be Christian. 

“Counting someone else’s sins does not make you a saint”, I saw that somewhere and I think it is genius.

I have had Christians take digs at me simply because they were jealous. Isnt envy one of the seven deadly sins? Tisk, tisk. I have heard Christians refer to other women as sluts- didn’t Jesus say “Those who have not sinned shall cast the first stone”. I have seen  Christians use their religion as a way to discriminate against homosexuals, and as a way to justify the fact that they are racists. 

I am a pretty Liberal person and I will continue to live my life that way. I do not believe in preaching to our youth about waiting until marriage to have sex. I do not believe in judging everyone who does not live their life as I do. I do not sit there and count others mistakes believe me I have enough of my own. I am not a perfect person and I will never pretend to be. 

I am not saying that ALL Christians are like this, because many are genuine. I am just explaining some personal experiences.

Sex Tape Wasn’t About Sex

Sex might be in the title of the latest Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel flick, however it is not really what the film is about. In an effort to bring back the magic they once had in the bedroom, the couple decides to get drunk and film themselves having sex. They have a great time, and the next morning Annie played by Cameron Diaz tells her husband, Jay to delete the tape, but what does he do? Can you take a guess? HE DOESNT DELETE THE FUCKING TAPE! It gets synced to all of their friend’s ipads and they begin freaking out! 

Here is why this film is really not about the infamous three letter word. This film is about marriage and how the hustle and bustle of everyday life can cause a marriage to lose its excitement. It was kind of depressing, because in the beginning of the movie we see a flashback of how their relationship used to be versus the present. I have never been married. nor do I have children, but this film led me to believe that eventually domestic life becomes repetitive and boring.

It had the typical happy ending, because they get the tape off the ipads and nobody important ends up seeing it.  They also realize they still have the same sexual connection as they did when they were younger. 

I think this film was boring. I was expecting a full blown comedy with never ending laughs, but instead felt sort of depressed when the credits began rolling. I give this film a C rating. check it out when it goes on Redbox. Do not waste your money seeing it at the theaters.

#WCW I have 4 & They are Crazy Talented Artists

1. Fefe Dobson- She is stunning, talented and can still rock a punker look!


                 (Photo: Snipenews)

2. Susanna Hoffs- She rocked it out as a member of The Bangles with her amazing vocals and guitar skills. Prince also had a crush on her 🙂



3. Liz Phair- I LOVE HER MUSIC!!!! Fell in love with it when I was a junior in high school. She is a mix of spunky, sass and sexy. Favorite is my favorite song of hers!



4. Pat Benatar- She can still rock a pair of leather pants. I also love her because she paved the way for other female rockers, and got pissed when she was getting more notoriety for her looks than her talent.

(Photo: Peta.org)


Don’t Comment on How People Eat

I hate it when people make comments about what or how I eat. It is none of anyone else’s business, and I find it rude and offensive!!! I never ever make crude comments about the way someone is eating, because guess what it is NONE of my fucking business! I am healthy! I am not suffering from any sort of eating disorder and I am not gorging on Burger King 24/7. 

You should never make offensive comments about what or how much someone is eating, because its none of your business, and you are going to piss that person off. Do not whine when they chew your head off and devour it for dessert!