I Am OVER Facebook

Facebook has become a place for people to snoop, and find out pointless information about one another. It has become a network infested with lies and false personas. It is a way for people to find out what happened to an old fling, or their secret high school crush. It is a place where relationships begin and die. It is a social network that I am sick of. Facebook invades my privacy; it links up people from my phone-book and places them on my “people you may know” list at the top of the screen. There are plenty of people in my phone-book I do not want to be friends with, because I like to keep it friends and family only. I do not want to grant certain people access into my personal life.

I am also over people posting political memes which end up in pointless heated debates. I have seen grown ass people bicker about how horrible Obama is and how he is destroying this country. I simply unfollow the post. In fact, I have become accustomed to unfollowing TONS of people, because they pop up in my news feed too often, or post too many selfies, or annoy me.

I love Twitter, because it allows you interact with people you normally would not. I also believe people appear wittier and do not constantly post obnoxious comments, or whine about their relationships. This goes for the people I follow. Of course there are Twitter idiots, trolls and people tweeting dumb shit. I do not follow them.

Why don’t you just un-friend the annoying folks from Facebook? Because I do not want to make anyone mad and some happen to be friends :/.



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