Annoying People At The Gym!


Please excuse me, I do not even know why I just typed that.

There are all sorts of people that attend fitness facilities. There are the juice heads, the girls that come with their sneakers matching perfectly with their shorts, and flawless makeup. Some how they manage to never ever sweat (sarcasm), then there are the guys that nonchalantly go on the elliptical directly behind you when there are like a thousand other ones opened just so they get a great look of your ass while they are doing their daily cardio. There are the people that hog up machines, because they are to busy tweeting and instagramming how they are working out on their phones! Quit tweeting and start lifting! Sheesh.

Then there are the nosy folks that will stare at what you are doing as if you are some sort of a magical creature they have never seen before. Don’t stare, it is fucking RUDE!

Tell me about the annoying people at your gym 🙂



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