Curvy Redefined (I missed the memo)

love this!

Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby

So I got wind today of a media frenzy surrounding the “normal” maybe even “curvy” body of a Miss Indiana……… She does indeed look like she at least eats from time to time compared to some others on the stage and she is beautiful but the public labeling of “normal” is interesting isn’t it…..

Huh….ok so we’re talking about someone who can still wear a bikini on national television without eye raping people with thickness they don’t want to see and someone who wears a size 4…..I can see how that would be interpreted as someone who is curvy, I mean she would quite literally fit in to the pocket on side on my body but curvy sure why not…..A size four does require her to shop where they only sell denim with spandex and I’m sure she has that issue where the jeans fit your ass but are loose…

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