Dante Hicks is a Coward!!!!

Dear Kevin Smith,

I fucking LOVE Clerks! It is like my favorite movie of all time. I am kidding, Mean Girls is number one, Clerks come in second place :).

I love Clerks because I can relate to Dante’s situation, and when I was 22, I was a Randall. I did not give a shit about my job because it was just a job and it was paying my bills and provided me with party money. I did not take my position seriously and frequently questioned why people with shitty jobs did. On the flip side, I hated people that constantly bitched about their jobs and life in general. If you do not like your job get a new one, if you hate life,find a way to make it better. Start focusing on your hobbies, make new friends, take a night class and learn a new skill, go to the GYM! 😉 

My favorite Randall moment other then when he orders the porno tapes in front of the mom was when he told Dante’s girlfriend he was going to dump her to get back with Caitlin. Most guys would never do this, but Randal is not like most guys. When Dante finds out he was pissed, but oh well he was a coward. If you dont want to be with a girl then dump her! Do not lead her on and give her false hopes for a relationship you clearly dont want!

This brings me to my FAVORITE point Randal made! 

“You date veronica because it’s convenient and she’s low maintenance. but meanwhile, all you ever do is talk about caitlin. you carry a torch for a girl you dated in high school. in high school, for god’s sakes. you’re 22”

Go get em Randall! Just kidding. I do think he proves a valid point, because I believe many guys date women that are convenient and do everything for them. They truly want the Caitlin, the girl that will keep them on their toes and drive them crazy, but they fear her because she might not stick around. She is not afraid to dump them and move on.





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