I Am OVER Facebook

Facebook has become a place for people to snoop, and find out pointless information about one another. It has become a network infested with lies and false personas. It is a way for people to find out what happened to an old fling, or their secret high school crush. It is a place where relationships begin and die. It is a social network that I am sick of. Facebook invades my privacy; it links up people from my phone-book and places them on my “people you may know” list at the top of the screen. There are plenty of people in my phone-book I do not want to be friends with, because I like to keep it friends and family only. I do not want to grant certain people access into my personal life.

I am also over people posting political memes which end up in pointless heated debates. I have seen grown ass people bicker about how horrible Obama is and how he is destroying this country. I simply unfollow the post. In fact, I have become accustomed to unfollowing TONS of people, because they pop up in my news feed too often, or post too many selfies, or annoy me.

I love Twitter, because it allows you interact with people you normally would not. I also believe people appear wittier and do not constantly post obnoxious comments, or whine about their relationships. This goes for the people I follow. Of course there are Twitter idiots, trolls and people tweeting dumb shit. I do not follow them.

Why don’t you just un-friend the annoying folks from Facebook? Because I do not want to make anyone mad and some happen to be friends :/.



Annoying People At The Gym!


Please excuse me, I do not even know why I just typed that.

There are all sorts of people that attend fitness facilities. There are the juice heads, the girls that come with their sneakers matching perfectly with their shorts, and flawless makeup. Some how they manage to never ever sweat (sarcasm), then there are the guys that nonchalantly go on the elliptical directly behind you when there are like a thousand other ones opened just so they get a great look of your ass while they are doing their daily cardio. There are the people that hog up machines, because they are to busy tweeting and instagramming how they are working out on their phones! Quit tweeting and start lifting! Sheesh.

Then there are the nosy folks that will stare at what you are doing as if you are some sort of a magical creature they have never seen before. Don’t stare, it is fucking RUDE!

Tell me about the annoying people at your gym 🙂


Maleficent Is Magnificant

I never thought I would admit this, but Disney is beginning to get it right.

Do not get me wrong, most of us were enchanted by Disney films throughout our childhood, because there were pretty princesses, music and a happy ending. We were conditioned to seek out a happy ending. I never saw anything wrong with any of this until I entered college and participated in a media course which explained all the bullshit Disney instills into their films, the damsel in distress, the fact that all of the good characters have Caucasian features and all of the princesses are incredibly thin. They are always so damn giddy; let’s get real would you be singing with mice if you spent your days in old, torn up clothing sweeping the floor like Cinderella? Probably not. You would probably be smoking your life away and easing your pain with some Jack Daniels. 

This time around Disney struck gold, because Maleficant was an excellent film. For the first time they showed audience members how true love does not necessarily mean romantic love. They showed that Maleficant was actually an anti-hero who happened to get burned, because of greed, however she gets redeemed at the end of the film. I think redemption is always wonderful in films, because the majority of us have redeemable traits; we just fuck up time to time. Angelina Jolie was captivating as always, the makeup was great and it was difficult to not fall in love with her character.

The happy ending did occur, but it came about through a more realistic approach. Sleeping Beauty does get her prince at the end, and Maleficant defeats the evil King, however it lacked the cheesy nonsense incorporated into most Disney films. This film is a must see! 

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1. They overpower every conversation, and have nothing interesting to say. Please do not chew my ear off if your primary purpose for talking is to listen to your own voice.

2. They criticize others for doing the same thing they did an hour ago aka hypocrites. 

3. They brag about all of the things they are going to do, but never do anything to get the ball rolling. Nobody cares about your imaginary success.

4. They are chronic complainers, but their lives really are not all that bad, in fact their biggest problem is they are not in a relationship. Oh big fucking deal, there are people in this world that do not know where their next meal will come from, and your bitching about being single. 

5. They constantly make negative remarks about their weight, and refuse to trade it the whopper for a hearty salad, and exercise just isnt in their vocabulary.

6. They offer you advice you didnt ask for. Some people love to give others advice, even when nobody wants it, but somehow they cannot read the damn memo.  If I want your advice I will ask for it trust me.

7. They use big words in order to make themselves appear more intelligent, all this does is scream I am insecure and I need my intelligence validated. 

8. They brag about how sexually adventurous they are, but they have all the warning signs of a pillow princess. Bitch who do you think your fooling?

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Curvy Redefined (I missed the memo)

love this!

Truth Shall Set You Free So Don't Be A Crybaby

So I got wind today of a media frenzy surrounding the “normal” maybe even “curvy” body of a Miss Indiana……… She does indeed look like she at least eats from time to time compared to some others on the stage and she is beautiful but the public labeling of “normal” is interesting isn’t it…..

Huh….ok so we’re talking about someone who can still wear a bikini on national television without eye raping people with thickness they don’t want to see and someone who wears a size 4…..I can see how that would be interpreted as someone who is curvy, I mean she would quite literally fit in to the pocket on side on my body but curvy sure why not…..A size four does require her to shop where they only sell denim with spandex and I’m sure she has that issue where the jeans fit your ass but are loose…

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