The Best Protagonist’s are the One’s You Hate!

It is no surprise to the world that I am a bit strange. I often see things much differently then others, and I am okay with this, because it makes me unique. I believe the best protagonist’s are the ones that are so easily hated, because it makes them more authentic, it makes them flawed, it paints a picture of all their imperfections. It shows they are somewhat like me. 

Holden Caufield is one of literature’s most prominent protagonists, and some people refer to him as an asshole, or a spoiled, whiny brat! He was a spoiled brat, but he was also a teenager that felt misunderstood and alienated like many other young people do. He IS very relate-able, regardless of the fact that he came from money. I think sometimes people think that wealthier people lack problems, and while they do not have the same problems as those that are not as economically fortunate, they are human, they still bleed. We all have problems, and similar ones when you break them apart and analyze them. If your parent sent you to boarding schools you might feel rejected, unwanted or angry. These are similar feelings to those that feel a sense of abandonment because a parent left them. Over five decades after that book hit the shelves, Caufield still remains a symbol of teen rebellion.

I love protagonists that make you want to punch them, because it makes them more interesting. I do not want to like someone so much to the point that they become unreal, and seem to fucking perfect.



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