Some Guys Come with Warning Labels…and Some Women Still Date Them! this goes out to the ladies that like to whine about the dude their dating to all their girlfriends, the one that has a gigantic WARNING! sign posted on his chest. We do not want to hear you bicker about your relationship issues, because you avoided the warning sign, and now your fucked! 

Some guys are assholes, and some assholes love to concoct awesome excuses for their terrible behavior. They blame their cheating on how horrible their girlfriend was, or say they were not in a serious relationship anyway. Many times these guys happen to appear perfect on paper. They’re intelligent, outgoing, educated and have a good job, but beneath the handsome smile lies an empty core. They will never change EVER. You got that? You will never alter his personality, or make him fall madly in love with you, because the truth is he is already in love with himself, and his dick. He does not have enough time for you! So, unless you want to compete with him and his dick, I suggest you find a different guy, and quit babbling on and on about Mr. that came with a Warning sign!! I have come up with some warning signs…

He takes FOREVER to text you back all the time. Now we ALL get busy, I get that, but if the dude always takes forever (I mean like 3 hrs or more) to respond to a simple text…run. 

He comes across as selfish…..even in the beginning you dont have a say in anything! Its all about him, him, him…RUN

He doesnt care about you sexually…he doesnt even ask what you want, because hes too concerned with his dick…..RUN RUN

All he talks about is sex…RUN

He doesnt want you on his social media sites BIG radar sign….chances are he has a gf 🙂

What are your warning signs????


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