Why People Don’t Like You!

Some humans are unlikable, or at least they appear to be that way. Other humans do not want to be friends with them, or they simply ignore them altogether. Why are some people so unlovable?

They brag.- Who the fuck wants to be around someone that constantly toots their own horn? NOBODY! These types of people will somehow make your victory moment about them, but the problem is it is only about them in their own mind!

They’re dishonest- These types of people may seem awesome in the beginning, but when you peal back a few layers you will realize they have a rotten core. Honesty is a vital component to any relationship.

They’re overly competitive- They make everything a competition and it gets ridiculous. 

They’re self centered- Their favorite subject in the world is themselves, and this is an enormous turn off. There are other topics in the world besides you learn how to discuss them.

They’re extremely successful- The issue is they are rock-stars, entrepreneurs and best-selling writers in their own damn heads!

What makes a person unlikable?? COMMENT

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