Take the People You Hate and Turn Them Into Hero’s

I am trying to write a fiction novel centralized around a young girl who learns a lot about life from a grungy, 27 year old that manages a local coffee shop. I currently have a little over 4,000 words written, and like what I see. My protagonist is a sassy, teenage girl trying to figure out what she is going to do after graduation. Her best friend is a beautiful, intelligent, type A personality that is absolutely wonderful. She can be arrogant and cocky, but at the end of the day she has a heart of gold. 

I think writing is therapeutic and I am sure many writers use their craft to secretly get revenge on those that did them wrong. I am odd, and take people I hate and turn them into hero’s. The hero in my book is based off someone I actually hate. He is a loser, with a shitty personality and looks like he is in his 40’s when he is in his 20’s. I think it’s important for us to forgive these types of people, and let go of getting revenge on them, it puts you at peace to take negative people and turn them into positive characters.


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