Millennials Are a Bunch of Self Loathing Narcissists

Alright. I get it. My generation is sort of obsessed with themselves, because well we are the MTV generation, the social media effected, self loathing narcissistic, ungrateful brats that have no interest in working, yet we want to be rich and famous. We have let all of this nonsense that has been shoved down our throats go to our heads. AH! Naw bitches, naw. We need to forget about the lame shit that previous generations say about us, because the millennial generation is one that did not grow up thinking women should be pregnant baking pies in the kitchen, and the majority of us do not have negative opinions about gay marriage, plus we grew up working on computers, and that is not a bad thing. They took over the world. More and more millennials are finding success building their own businesses, for example, Facebook one of the largest social media sites was founded by Mark Zuckberg, and his peers who happen to be MILLENNIALS! Instagram was also founded by two millennials, so before you go and knock us remember we are not all lazy, selfie posting assholes. 

I live in a world where reality tv makes people super famous for no apparent reason other than they do not mind looking like fools on tv, and I really do not care. If some producer offered me a nice chunk of change, to act like an idiot on TV I would ask them for a pen so I could sign the contract. I am sure most people would do the same. This is my world, this is our world, the millennial world. What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Millennials Are a Bunch of Self Loathing Narcissists

  1. Not entirely wrong. But, some things to consider:

    Our generation has likely been asked to give of ourselves more than any other before ours. We’ve been asked to learn more than any generation prior. We’ve been asked to go through the longest wars in American history. We’ve been asked to become hyper-literate and be bombarded with more information than at any other time in our history. We’ve been asked to go to school longer than any other generation. We’ve been asked to deal with the worst financial crisis [and its fallout] since The Great Depression. We’ve been asked to accept the burdens of things like massive student loans and debt, and the high costs of living that weren’t there when our parents were our age. We live in a litigious, law-laden, regulation-bearing society where you can’t drink at 16 anymore and just be expected to get a whoopin’ when you get home, or act out for the sake of doing so… without meeting a criminal industrial complex.

    While our generation may have its issues… I think we’ve earned the right to be a little stuck up. Sure, we’re not the Baby Boomers, but we’ve got our lot too… and I think we’re dealing with it with some style and grace. And selfies.

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