Some Guys Come with Warning Labels…and Some Women Still Date Them! this goes out to the ladies that like to whine about the dude their dating to all their girlfriends, the one that has a gigantic WARNING! sign posted on his chest. We do not want to hear you bicker about your relationship issues, because you avoided the warning sign, and now your fucked! 

Some guys are assholes, and some assholes love to concoct awesome excuses for their terrible behavior. They blame their cheating on how horrible their girlfriend was, or say they were not in a serious relationship anyway. Many times these guys happen to appear perfect on paper. They’re intelligent, outgoing, educated and have a good job, but beneath the handsome smile lies an empty core. They will never change EVER. You got that? You will never alter his personality, or make him fall madly in love with you, because the truth is he is already in love with himself, and his dick. He does not have enough time for you! So, unless you want to compete with him and his dick, I suggest you find a different guy, and quit babbling on and on about Mr. that came with a Warning sign!! I have come up with some warning signs…

He takes FOREVER to text you back all the time. Now we ALL get busy, I get that, but if the dude always takes forever (I mean like 3 hrs or more) to respond to a simple text…run. 

He comes across as selfish…..even in the beginning you dont have a say in anything! Its all about him, him, him…RUN

He doesnt care about you sexually…he doesnt even ask what you want, because hes too concerned with his dick…..RUN RUN

All he talks about is sex…RUN

He doesnt want you on his social media sites BIG radar sign….chances are he has a gf 🙂

What are your warning signs????


The Best Protagonist’s are the One’s You Hate!

It is no surprise to the world that I am a bit strange. I often see things much differently then others, and I am okay with this, because it makes me unique. I believe the best protagonist’s are the ones that are so easily hated, because it makes them more authentic, it makes them flawed, it paints a picture of all their imperfections. It shows they are somewhat like me. 

Holden Caufield is one of literature’s most prominent protagonists, and some people refer to him as an asshole, or a spoiled, whiny brat! He was a spoiled brat, but he was also a teenager that felt misunderstood and alienated like many other young people do. He IS very relate-able, regardless of the fact that he came from money. I think sometimes people think that wealthier people lack problems, and while they do not have the same problems as those that are not as economically fortunate, they are human, they still bleed. We all have problems, and similar ones when you break them apart and analyze them. If your parent sent you to boarding schools you might feel rejected, unwanted or angry. These are similar feelings to those that feel a sense of abandonment because a parent left them. Over five decades after that book hit the shelves, Caufield still remains a symbol of teen rebellion.

I love protagonists that make you want to punch them, because it makes them more interesting. I do not want to like someone so much to the point that they become unreal, and seem to fucking perfect.


Apple Cider Vinegar Review

So, I decided to try this apple cider vinegar cleanse, because of one of my favorite beauty gurus (Makeup by Mel). Surprisingly,it is incredibly delicious and calorie free! I love to add sugar to my tea to make it flavorful, but the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar make the tea refreshing and amazing. I am going to drink it in the morning before work and in the evening after I go to the gym, and will post a review about it! TRY IT people, it is good! Here is the recipe: 


Why People Don’t Like You!

Some humans are unlikable, or at least they appear to be that way. Other humans do not want to be friends with them, or they simply ignore them altogether. Why are some people so unlovable?

They brag.- Who the fuck wants to be around someone that constantly toots their own horn? NOBODY! These types of people will somehow make your victory moment about them, but the problem is it is only about them in their own mind!

They’re dishonest- These types of people may seem awesome in the beginning, but when you peal back a few layers you will realize they have a rotten core. Honesty is a vital component to any relationship.

They’re overly competitive- They make everything a competition and it gets ridiculous. 

They’re self centered- Their favorite subject in the world is themselves, and this is an enormous turn off. There are other topics in the world besides you learn how to discuss them.

They’re extremely successful- The issue is they are rock-stars, entrepreneurs and best-selling writers in their own damn heads!

What makes a person unlikable?? COMMENT

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I Never Liked You WHY Should I Talk To You Now??

Ahem. I am feeling sassy maybe because we are about to start a three day weekend. Who is going swimming? Anyways, I thought of some other pet peeves that drive me crazy. Take notes bitches.


1. You sat next to some chick in college for two classes, she annoyed you, but you said hi to her every now and then. You happen to run into her at Target, and she is like “OH MY GOD hiiiiii”, bitch I said Hi to you a few times to be nice. We are not friends…go buy your toothpaste and get out of my face!

2. When people change the tone of their voices to make it much higher. As Holden Caufield would say “you sound like a phony”

3. When guys say “I am a whore when I am single, but behave when I am in a relationship”, who do you think your fooling? Your a whore 365 days a year, no matter your relationship status!

4. When broke people try to justify their stupid unnecessary purchases. You wanted your nails done, you didnt need them done for a job interview. Dont lie fool.

Meow, Meow,Meow

I love cats!

I love most animals; I grew up watching science channels that aired episodes about various wild animals, and for the life of me, I cannot remember what is was called!!! I know it featured a green lizard. Anyways, I love cats because you have to earn their trust. They dont just come into your life with the intentions of loving you, but when they do love you they become protective over you, and have amazing insight on human emotions. I also think they’re ballsy, and think they are so much bigger than what they actually are…did you see the video of the cat protecting the little boy??? It was quite funny!

Here is the link ahahaahahah 


“Fat” Shaming and All Its Misconceptions

We live in a world that praises thin people, but ostracizes “fat” people. While men feel the pressure to look a certain way, I believe women are even more pressured to live up to society’s unrealistic standards of beauty, and the media tells women if they are overweight they are not as beautiful as slimmer women. This sucks. Ladies do not feel as if you need to look like some airbrushed woman on the cover of a magazine, because you will never look that good, she does not even look that hot! 😉 

The reason why I am writing this blog entry is because of the whole fat shaming trend that continues to arise on the internet. Sometimes I think people take it too far, and see comments as offensive when they are really not. I will give you an excellent example, “I look overweight when I am bigger than a size 6.” This is very true. I freak out when my size 6 clothing items do not fit me right, because I feel bloated, and look heavy. I am in no way shape or form implying that women larger than a size 6 are over weight. I am simply making a bold statement about MY body. I am only 5ft6 and have a medium sized frame. My hands are tiny, and I carry most of my weight in my butt region, and gain weight in my face quickly. I have to watch my weight, because I am prone to being overweight. I don’t think I am “fat shaming” anyone, or view myself in a negative light. I simply care about my health, and my appearance. 

There are some sensitive women that would think to themselves “well if she thinks she’s fat when she’s bigger than a 6 what does she think of me, I am a 12?” I honestly dont care about your body. Its yours not mine. Why should I care? Sometimes women with poor body images believe people are constantly tearing them apart when in reality they are their worst bullies! If you dislike your body, do something about it! 

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