Cheap Fitness Tips

Sooooooo…lately I have been trying to work out at least 4 times a week! My diet is not the greatest, however it is definitely improving..I have been trying to increase my protein intake by eating more fish and egg whites, and decrease my sugar obsession. I know eating healthy can be expensive, but I have found some great deals!

 If you do not have access to gym equipment, two reasonably priced gyms are Planet Fitness and Golds. My membership to PF is only $10 a mth, open 24/hrs and has new equipment. I love doing the elliptical machine for cardio, I am noticing my legs are looking better because I put the resistance level high. My arms are my weak spot, I have no upper body strength so I have been lifting (using machines not weights) I am only doing like 3 sets of 10, and will try to increase this! I HATE ab exercises, however they have to done in order to get that flat, toned tummy! 

Now for food! SPINACH, SPINACH & more SPINACH! I buy a big bag of spinach for $3, I love putting it in egg whites, and eating it with salmon. I usually buy a piece of salmon for $5 and split it up for 3 days of lunch and eat it on bread. Eggs are also incredibly reasonably priced, and are a great source of protein. I have been trying to increase my water intake, because A: its great to be hydrated B: its a natural appetite suppressant. Coconut water is absolutely delicious!! I never ever thought I would like it, however it is amazing!!!! And low in calories and sugar. If you have a Costco membership you can purchase it in bulk. I also enjoy eating greek yogurt with granola, it has a decent amount of protein and helps decrease my desire to eat sugar!! They are usually on sale for $1 each. 

What are your healthy tips? Or something thats healthy but cheap to eat!?


I Think I Would Blow My Brains Out

Now that I am in my mid-twenties, weddings, engagements and pregnancy photographs are flooding my newsfeed on Facebook, and I honestly find them lame. If I ended up married in some suburb with a few kids, I would probably get a pistol and blow my brains out, because being average just isnt in my blood. I do not understand how women of my generation think so backwards, or maybe it is not them, and its me with the strange thoughts.

I think it is important to be ambitious, and women that want to end up sitting on their asses wiping baby snot all day just doesnt cut it. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the biological desire to reproduce, but if your sole goal in life is to raise babies I think you are weird. How could you possibly want some guy to financially support you? You do realize 50% of marriages will end in divorce, and if you didnt marry a rich guy after the divorce you will be screwed. The workforce is CONSTANTLY changing, and if you cannot keep up you will get trampled on by those that can.

I have family members that are divorced, however they always maintained a good job, so when the divorce was finalized they did not need to worry about money, because they had their own. Ladies it is 2013, time you wake up smell the fucking coffee, get educated and chase a career, because the truth is men like women with their shit together. They are more intriguing and insightful. This is why I cannot just be some dudes wife in a lame suburb raising children, it just isnt me, I would end up unhappy.

Little Girls Envy Women Admire

I am beginning to realize that some girls do not mature into women, instead they live their lives with a middle school mind warped inside of a woman’s body. It is sad. It is detrimental to our society, but that is the cold hearted, disappointing truth. I think it is important to admire others, look at something they did or continue to do that is providing them with some sort of success. Women especially should not envy one another, we should have admiration and encourage each-other to succeed. Unfortunately,  this is not always the case, some women find it amusing to bash one another, tear them apart or flat out exude a significant amount of jealousy. Don’t try to rain on someone else’s parade, because you were not invited to the celebration, or because you think you are not as good as that other woman.

Don’t dislike another woman because they are thinner than you, drive a better car or seem to have the perfect boyfriend, truth is nobody is perfect, and jealousy only leads people to unhappiness and bitterness. Be happy with who you are forget about what someone else has.

Nosy Vs Curiosity

Now I will have to admit this about myself, sometimes I may come across as “nosy”, a “busy body” or appear to be up to no good, and in all honesty I am not trying to do anybody any harm. I am an incredibly curious person, and enjoy analyzing people’s personalities, mannerisms and gestures, because I find them intriguing. There are other people who are not curious, they are simple nosy. I HATE being asked questions that I believe are an invasion of my privacy. I am outgoing, however I am also private. I will give you an example of questions I think are just plain nosy and rude: how much money do you make? why did your parents get divorced? why dont you have a boyfriend? why arent you married? what size are you?

Now that I am an adult, I understand that some of us lack common sense, and because of it appear rude. Intelligence is the key to success, but common sense is the lock to the door. The only people that like being in the company of rude people are other rude people. I say we let them all hang out together, they can have a gigantic feast and drive each other crazy instead of us!


What are some questions you consider to be rude?

What Women Want

For the most part, the majority of heterosexual men are often baffled, and confused by the opposite gender known as women. They cannot seem to grasp the concept of what “women” want, and I think trying to figure this out only sets them up for failure. What do I mean by this? The keyword there is “women”, and it is too generic, because what woman wants another could live without, we are all designed differently therefore we have different wants, and this is an important attribute to making the world go around. 

I will describe to you what I want, and the characteristics the man I will end up with in the end MUST have, no exceptions. I need an intelligent man who is opinionated and supports his arguments with valid facts. Someone who is determined to be successful in his career, a hard worker, a creative thinker and will keep me on my toes. A man that respects me and other women, and words like “slut” are not in his vocabulary. His religious beliefs cannot define who he is. He has to enjoy taking care of his body and eating well. And last but not least he must be loyal.

Now there are women out there that would disagree with me, and that is okay. There are women that do not care about a man’s weight or do not mind it if their man cheats, because they financially support them. Some women would refer to me as “shallow”, or a bitch and I honestly do not care. These characteristics are incredibly important to me, and I do not feel as if I am asking for much. I have a college degree, a job, work out 4 times a week to remain a healthy weight and have aspirations of owning an online business. I believe I am quite the catch and I do not care if that makes me seem conceded or full of myself. Confidence is sexy and powerful go get some!

Trying to figure out the female mind, and picking it apart will not get men anywhere, because not all women are the same. Not all women are attracted to the same type of men, and we all come from different backgrounds, and plenty of psychological studies have supported the claim that we are destined to be captivated by men who are like our fathers. If your father cheated on your mother, you are more likely to be drawn to men that are players, because that is what you were exposed to growing up. It is a tough cycle to break, because we are significantly influenced by our surroundings growing up. 

If you are a heterosexual male trying to learn about what women want, stop now. Instead learn about what the WOMAN you are dating, or would like to date wants. What are her life goals? Does she have high career goals? Does she have the desire to be a mother? What is her sense of style in terms of clothing? Does she want to get married? What does she prefer sexually?

The last one is a biggie, because in general (at least in the USA) women are still encouraged to be hush, hush about their sexuality, where as it is still okay for men to be boisterous about it. Sex is a vital part of a relationship, and it can destroy it if the two lovers are not communicating about what they desire. Again, not all women have the same sexual desires, so figure out what YOUR woman wants, who gives a shit about what WOMEN want.

If you are interested in a particular woman, her hobbies, and her job are two important keys to determining her wants and desires. If she is in shape, chances are she wants a man that is also fit. If she comes from a middle class home chances are she wants a man with a decent job. If she is very religious more than likely she does not want to be in a relationship with an atheist.

Those are my thoughts for the day, what are yours? Comments are always appreciated!