It’s JUST A Couch!

This is a $4,000 dollar sofa holstered in Italian silk this isn’t just a couch”

We have become a society that values stuff over people, and we cannot blame one another. We are constantly told by advertisers to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume, you NEED the latest Ipod and the newest BMW. You NEED that pair of perfectly fitted designer jeans-they define who you are. You are not really defined by your character but by the car you drive and the label on your shirt, if you have the best it shows others you are better than them. It exudes a sense of entitlement and achievement, because not everyone can have those things. Anette Benning plays a crazy ass wife that lose sight of who she was and became a monster chasing after the next best thing. Kevin Spacey’s character also goes insane trying to relive his youth.

American Beauty is an excellent film, because it incorporated many three dimensional characters. Angela is the attractive cheerleader Kevin Spacey’s character begins fantasizing about- she is beautiful, exotic with a perfect body. She is also narcissistic, but just as insecure as Thora Birch’s character. She lies about sleeping with a bunch of men she never slept with and believes she is defined by her beauty not her character. Kevin Spacey hates what his life has become, because of materialism therefore he desires to be a teenager again. Back then he did not have any issues and life was a picnic. He quits his high paying job so he can work at a fast food restaurant, goes on a mission to win over Angela and when he is about to have sex with her pooooffff…the sex kitten he was chasing after transforms into an innocent girl when she reveals she is a virgin.

Thora Birch’s character is angry, insecure and resentful but beneath all that she has the desire to be loved and craves attention from her strange next door neighbor. The neighbor sees her as the beautiful one, not Angela and goes as far as calling Angela “ugly”, which of course pisses her of because everyone is always admiring her for her looks.

This film is still relate-able, the performances never get old and the story-line remains brilliant.  


Toxic People

Funny how the people that know very little about you have the most to say

People talk. People observe. It is part of human nature. We are constantly analyzing one another, staring each other up and down, and figuring out who our competition is. This is normal behavior, because we were designed to compete against one another, and the best way to win is to figure out how to beat your rivalry. There is nothing wrong with wanting to compete, but there is something wrong with tearing each other apart. It is harmful, demeaning and flat out mean.

Normally the people want that to play the role of the tiger aka the one that wishes to tear others down with their claws in order to bestow their anger upon them are the ones that lack self-love, or they envy their prey. These are the types of people that enjoy saying ridiculous remarks about the people they know absolutely nothing about. They try to pick them apart in hopes of building themselves up and usually it is because of jealousy. 

I cannot stand these types of people and whenever I come across one I try to find the nearest exit sign to get away from them. They are deceitful, angry and miserable. They will never find true happiness and will only try to drag you down with them, you cannot save them, let them fall into their own holes and dont be the hand to help them out. They never learn. You cannot save anyone, only we can save ourselves. 

With that being said if I ever meet anyone and my radar signal goes off I never talk to them again. I will drop them just like that and will not even blink an eye, I choose to surround myself with happy, secure, genuine people not toxic, miserable assholes. 

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“Don Jon” Movies Are EQUALLY as Bad as Porn!

Last week I saw Don Jon, it was written and directed by Joseph Gordon Levitt. It was my kind of film because it challenged social norms by incorporating comedy.

Don Jon was your stereotypical east coast guido. He was Catholic, spent his days chasing after women, working out and jacking off to porn. He repeatedly explains that real sex is not as good as his pornography, later on we learn it is because he views sex as a one way street  therefore cannot emotionally connect to his partners. 

He meets Barbara played by Scarlett Johanssen, at first it plays out like your typical romantic comedy, the player finally “falls in love”, dedicating his every second to making this magical woman happy. Then the plot thickens, Barbara is a pain in the ass, she is bossy, has unrealistic expectations for a relationship along with what a man should be. She gets all upset when she learns Jon cleans his own home…yes he practices something feminine. In the end their relationship does not work out and I dug the non cliche Hollywood ending because love does not always play out like a movie. 

I also enjoyed the satire, how Levitt poked fun at misogynistic men showcasing how dumb they sound when they refer to women as their body parts rather than their name. 

Porn. Yeah like a movie it is entertainment, it is not real…because real people do not fuck like that its a fantasy just like mainstream movies. It screws with men like movies screw with women. It gives them unrealistic expectations, porn is fake, movies are fake yet somehow people get suckered into believing they are giving you a better reality, when they are just fucking with you, porn and movies are equally as toxic, equally as fabricated and equally manipulative. 

I give this film an A 🙂