Envy Is My Favorite Sin

Yesterday, I turned 25 and it hit me that my age no longer rounds down to 20 but to 30 EEEEK! When you are a child all you ever wanted to do was act older, because being a child was just that horrible. I mean footsie pajamas, cartoons, thinking there little people inside of the radio speakers putting music on in the car, and lame sitcoms consumed most of my days. Pretty terrible huh? Than you turn into a teenager, a hormone raged, insecure angry version of your once adorable self. You have no identity yet so you try and form one but its difficult, because you want to be an individual yet you want to fit in. You want the perfect body, the perfect boyfriend, the best grades and to be voted best hair. It became quite easy to resent the people that actually possessed these traits, perpetuating you to feel some teenage angst towards these “perfect” people. 

You know what I wish I could have told my teenage self? Who you are in high school does not define who you are as a human being. There were peers I despised, I mean would have loved to punch them in the face and break their nose because they were either rude, or flat out annoyed me. Many of them grew up and evolved into great adults. Good for them.

Amy Pohler posts videos on YouTube giving people advice- one video was dedicated to jealousy, and how in the beginning you need to accept the fact that you are jealous of someone. Than she goes on to explain that you cannot succeed in life by hating on others success, and she is right. She said we should be happy for one another. Now I know there are some people I will never be happy for, and unfortunately sometimes I go snooping at their Facebook accounts and laugh at their lame lives, because I consider them mediocre. Somehow they morphed into an average fat American, with a few drooling babies, and a job. I smile to myself because I knew that lame face when they were attractive, arrogant and rude. 

I am 25 now, this is a foolish way to think. Pohler made me realize that in order for me to accomplish my goals, I must feel happy for people and not duel on the past. This year I am going to meet ALL of my damn goals. 1: Finish my first Young Adult book 2. Get an article published on the Huffington Post 3. Get into Law School 4. Make better YouTube videos! 6. Get into excellent shape, instagram has inspired me to work out and eat healthier! What are your goals?



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The Big Booty Craze

Big asses used to be “uncool”, “unsexy”, and many white folks associated them with being  “fat”, then this thing called rap music became popular making it awesome to have some junk in the trunk. In the 80’s people were obsessed with aerobics and maintaining a very slim figure (there is nothing wrong with this I am not implying being slim is bad). In 1992 Sir Mix Alot released the song Baby Got Back and it is considered a hip hop classic! It is catchy, funny and entertaining. Some believe he paved the way for people like JLo who’s trademark became her big booty. Before rap, curvier women like Lopez probably had a slim chance of conquering the entertainment world. The subject of this blog entry was inspired by this video TMZ posted, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA5i05YgyPY yes I know, shut the f*** up, TMZ is a guilty pleasure. Sir Mix Alot said big butts were always popular, I just made them mainstream now the white boys are with me! 

Personally, the popularity of hip hop and seeing big butts praised is beneficial to my self esteem. I will never be a size 0, I am always going to have a big butt and women like Kim Kardashian and JLo showed me there is nothing wrong with having an ass. Like I said in previous blogs, all body types can be beautiful just because you dont have a JLo booty does not mean you are not pretty, we became a society that is obsessed with being thin, and not all of us can have Paris Hilton’s body. She has a flawless figure, but my ass will never allow me to be that skinny it is not set in my DNA! So, high fives to my big booty girls.

Beauty Is Thin & Rich

Good Morning (or afternoon depending on where you reside),

I watched two documentaries both of which can be seen on Netflix, America The Beautiful & America The Beautiful 2. America The Beautiful focused on America’s obsession with beauty, one woman went as far as reconstructing her vagina because her right side of her labia was longer than the left. The second documentary focused on America’s obsession with being thin, the director focused a significant amount of the documentary on a young girl that was a runway model. She was only 12 years old. In the beginning, she explained how she used to get teased by her pears because she was tall and skinny, they called her a giraffe. Than one day she was scouted by a modeling agent, and found her calling. She possessed an extreme amount of confidence for a young girl, strutting down the runway like she was 25. By the end of the documentary she gained a little weight, and was told she had to be thinner in order to continue her career as a runway model. Her hips had to be 35.5 inches. 

There were men in the documentary that explained how they wanted six pack abs because than they could attract more women. They also explained how their ideal woman is slender. We all have an idea in our minds as to what is beautiful, I do not get offended if a man says I like slender women or I like thick women, whatever makes you happy is fine with me. I do have issues with the fashion industry because they force their models into having eating disorders in order to maintain an unhealthy weight. 

Advertising often uses “beautiful” people in order to sell products. I understand that the over saturation of advertisements that are often shoved down our throats can cause us to believe we are not attractive enough. On the other side, I understand why advertisers do this. You have a very short time to catch your consumers attention, the quickest way to do this is by using a beautiful person. If I was going to make a beer commercial or shoot an advertisement for a men’s cologne, I would never use an “average” looking woman. Average does not sell period. The idea behind advertising is to tell men if you wear this cologne, you can get that sexy woman. The same way beautiful women sell clothing, makeup etc. Would you want an “average” looking woman selling your makeup products? I wouldn’t  because the idea behind the image is if I wear this I will look like her and I am sure most of us would agree we do not want to be considered “average.” 

Before you judge me, and think I am a condescending, shallow woman keep on reading. 

They went on to show young girls that came to the conclusion they are not beautiful. They were like “I’m ugly”, well who is pretty? Actresses. This is where I have issues with advertising, it saddens me to see young girls believing they are not pretty because they do not look like what they see on the cover of a magazine. Beauty is so much more than a dress size or how big a woman’s bust is. Beauty is intelligence, beauty is healthy and most of all beauty is genuine. That is what we should be selling to our youth, not photo shopped images on a fucking billboard. 

Thin is often associated with status, one male said that wealthier people often look at overweight individuals and see them as low class. This is completely dumb because there are plenty of wealthier people that are overweight. 

Anyways, I recommend watching them it is very interesting to see how brainwashed we have become. How we believe if we do not meet certain quotas of beauty, we are not beautiful. 

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Barbie Gets Turned Into A “Real” Woman

Dear World,

In case you do not know by now, Barbie is NOT a human being, she is a fucking doll. You get that a doll. She has synthetic hair, a plastic body and of course unrealistic body proportions. How many times have articles been posted about Barbie’s unrealistic body proportions? A ton. I am tired of hearing about Barbie, and people constantly complaining about how “skinny” is being shoved down our throats. Truth is skinny women are beautiful, chubby women are beautiful, curvy women are beautiful and there are plenty of celebrities and television personalities that represent these body types. Demi Lovato is not “skinny”, Miranda Lambert is far from thin, Ricki Lake is a normal sized woman, Jennifer Lawrence is thin but she is not an unhealthy weight. The Kardashians are all healthy. See? I can go and on. 

While the blonde bombshell still remains a pop culture icon, I believe she does not exude the power she once did. Personally, I knew Barbie was a doll and I was never going to grow up to look like a Barbie doll. I am a brunette with dark eyes and fair skin, the complete opposite of a Barbie doll. Do I think Barbie’s body is unrealistic? Yes. I do not care though, she is a doll! Real women do not look like her and I do not understand why any of them would feel anger towards a children’s toy. 

In my opinion, I do not feel Barbie’s figure needed to be altered. I do believe they should make their ethnic Barbies have ethnic features. African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and Caucasians do not have the same kind of facial features. We are all different, and that is what makes the world unique. Most ethnic Barbies are Barbie with darker skin. 

Bye World,



When I was a senior in college, I took a class that revolved around politics and the media. My professor said something that struck a cord, “image is everything.” While some people may believe that is a bit shallow others can face the truth, and that is your appearance is incredibly important. He went on to explain that television played a vital role in determining the 1960 presidential election. Why? Because for the first time in American history, viewers could see the candidates they were not just voices heard from a radio. Nixon appeared rather sick, and frail where as Kennedy looked vibrant and attractive. Kennedy won.

We frequently judge each other on our appearance, and that is okay we are humans. Humans are observant, we analyze strangers from head to toe. We often to look at their clothing choice, how their hair is styled, and their physiques. Partly because the more attractive you are the “better” your genes. It is instilled into our brains to mate with the most attractive partner we can get, because than our offspring will have more of a selection as to who they can mate with. Do all of us follow this genetic code? Nope.

How you dress and present yourself is vital to your success in life. Would you vote for a politician that does speeches in jeans and a t-shirt? Would you hire an employee that looks like they have not took a shower in a week? Would you want your wedding guests to show up in shorts and a tank top? Would you want an attorney to defend you that is not well spoken? You get the picture right? We all have an image and it is quite vital, because it sums up a part of who we are in a short amount of time, sort of like a commercial. We are the product, the image is the advertisement. 

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Check out the social science of sex its on Netflix very interesting documentary. (I am in NO way affiliated with it, I am just a fan)