When I was a senior in college, I took a class that revolved around politics and the media. My professor said something that struck a cord, “image is everything.” While some people may believe that is a bit shallow others can face the truth, and that is your appearance is incredibly important. He went on to explain that television played a vital role in determining the 1960 presidential election. Why? Because for the first time in American history, viewers could see the candidates they were not just voices heard from a radio. Nixon appeared rather sick, and frail where as Kennedy looked vibrant and attractive. Kennedy won.

We frequently judge each other on our appearance, and that is okay we are humans. Humans are observant, we analyze strangers from head to toe. We often to look at their clothing choice, how their hair is styled, and their physiques. Partly because the more attractive you are the “better” your genes. It is instilled into our brains to mate with the most attractive partner we can get, because than our offspring will have more of a selection as to who they can mate with. Do all of us follow this genetic code? Nope.

How you dress and present yourself is vital to your success in life. Would you vote for a politician that does speeches in jeans and a t-shirt? Would you hire an employee that looks like they have not took a shower in a week? Would you want your wedding guests to show up in shorts and a tank top? Would you want an attorney to defend you that is not well spoken? You get the picture right? We all have an image and it is quite vital, because it sums up a part of who we are in a short amount of time, sort of like a commercial. We are the product, the image is the advertisement. 

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Check out the social science of sex its on Netflix very interesting documentary. (I am in NO way affiliated with it, I am just a fan)


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