Films Directed At Teens Used To Be Cool..Now They’re Just Lame

Back in the 80’s & 90’s, films aimed at attracting a teenage demographic consisted of some depth, if one were to look beyond the sexual innuendos, drunken parties, and cliche characters, many of these films focused on controversial topics. 

Fast Times At Ridgemont High remains one of my favorite films, because it is incredibly entertaining however Cameron Crowe and Amy Heckerling incorporated touchy subjects like abortion, the consequences of engaging in protected sex, along with altering traditional gender roles. For example, Stacey Hamilton goes on a mission to become more sexually experienced, because in way she wanted to be like her older, hotter friend, Linda Barrett. Traditionally, the character of Stacey would be portrayed by a male, we often see male characters set out to lose their virginity, or gain some sort of sexual experience before leaving high school. Normally, a character like Linda Barrett who is sexually experienced, very confident and possesses a dominating personality would be punished some how, usually by getting pregnant. Remember Grease? Rizzo gets pregnant, not Sandy. In Fast Times, Stacey gets pregnant and ultimately gets an abortion. There are some television stations that cut out this section of the film, I guess some people still cannot grasp the legality of abortions, and how in many instances it is the most logical thing to do. 

Heckerling also wanted to go more into depth about how teenagers have sex, there is a scene where Stacey and Damone have sex in her backyard, Heckerling wanted to show them naked facing one another, looking frightened, to show how awkward teen sex is but Universal cut that scene out because they feared it was too pornographic. After a few seconds of sex, we see Damone’s leg shake, and boom its over. She portrayed teen sex is a more realistic light, its not glamorous, and the male is not seen as an amazing lover like in a typical John Hughes film (I know Fast Times was a few years before Hughes teen films, just using him as an example).

In today’s world, the majority of films aimed towards the teen demographic are completely terrible, they lack originality, the characters lack depth, and there is no morals incorporated into the story line. 


OMG I Am Officially A GLEEK!

I have to be honest here, before I could not get myself to sit and watch an episode of the FOX hit show Glee, because to me it looked like a bunch of drama kids that annoyed me in high school bopping around to Britney Spears songs, and sabotaging classic bands like Journey. The other night I decided to give the show a chance and watched two episodes on Netflix, I now understand the obsession teenagers have with this show. Ryan Murphy is a genius, the show tackles sensitive topics such as homosexuality, teen pregnancy, and bullying. It does this by entertaining you, rather than lecturing you, making you feel like you are in a Psychology course. 

The cast is also VERY diverse in terms of looks, race, and personality. There is a character you can relate to, for me its Santana, like me is rather sarcastic, snippy, however beneath that lays a heart of gold. The first episode I watched was the one in which they performed Born This Way, it was about loving yourself, and embracing your flaws, because our flaws are part of what makes us unique. In the beginning of the episode, Rachel is knocked in the face by Finn causing her to suffer a broken nose, the doctor tells her she should consider getting a nose job, if she wants to succeed as an actress. The members of the Glee club tell her that is a stupid idea, after she shows them a photograph of what she would look like with a better nose, they explain to her how it does not even look like her! At the end of the episode the cast sings Born This Way, wearing t-shirts with a word or phrase with the one thing they are embarrassed about. I love the message this episode is conveying, love yourself, have self love and embrace what is different about yourself, even if it is deemed “ugly” according to societies standards. 

I think Ryan Murphy is a very talented individual, and is sending wonderful messages to our youth. Remember you were born this way baby!



Jodi Arias Should NOT Be Put To Death

For the most part my political views are quite liberal, I am pro-choice, support gay marriage, and believe we should educate our youth on practicing safe sex rather than lecturing them on saving sex until marriage. 

I posses a rather conservative opinion in regards to the death penalty, I fully support it but not in the Jodi Arias case. I am tired of arguing with people about Arias, I will never change my opinion, I am extremely opinionated, and empathize with Jodi. Do I think she is guilty? Yes, I think my cat would have convicted her. All of the evidence points at her, the stolen gun, her DNA all over the crime scene, scratches on her arms, fleeing the scene, and her obsessive behavior when it came to Travis. 

Here is why I do not believe Ms. Arias should be put to death, for one thing Travis Alexander used her for sex. I do not care if she enjoyed it or not, he still only kept in contact with her because he wanted to engage in sexual intercourse, meanwhile he knew she was in love with him to the point of obsession. He lied to his friends, said their relationship was finished than he goes and continues to sleep with her despite breaking up with her, giving her false hopes that the relationship could blossom again. He was a cheater. He cheated on his girl friend with Ms. Arias. He emotionally manipulated Jodi, listening to that phone sex tape made me sick to my stomach, I heard the voice of an innocent woman that was clearly harmed by an emotional abuser. Telling a grown woman she sounds like a 12 year old the first time they orgasm is pretty sickening. I would not want any children near that man. Bottom line is he used her to act out his sexual fantasies, and that is not okay because she was emotionally harmed in the process. All he wanted to do was take naked photographs, and make pornographic videos, that he felt were “so amazing.” 

The media vilifies people, because it intrigues audience members which provides networks with high ratings. Most people are not even listening to what the woman has to say instead they believe she is crazy/evil. In my opinion she snapped. In the beginning of the trial, she discussed her childhood, and than proceeded into discussing her previous romantic relationships. One of which was a user, just like Travis Alexander, only he used her to pay the rent. She was living with him at the time he was like 19 or 20,  without a job, and was not in school, Arias worked as a waitress to pay the bills.

 I think Jodi Arias committed an evil crime, however I do not believe she is an evil person, she was a victim of her negative surroundings. Killing Travis was a disgusting thing to do, and she should be in prison for it he DID NOT deserve to die, yet alone so violently. 

Serial killers such as Ted Bundy deserved the death penalty, because he enjoyed killing, and was not going to stop. Serial killers such as the BTK killer, explained how killing was just a part of who he is, and how sometimes it took years to find his next victim. He spoke of murdering his victims like he was baking a cake, he lacked resentment, he was cold, and emotionless. Arias cried on trial, there was a sense of sadness that was seen in her eyes. Do I think she would kill again? I cant answer that maybe…that’s why she should remain in prison. The death penalty should be for people that murder children, serial killers, and in my opinion animal abusers. I HATE, HATE animal abusers, I think they are sick, disturbed, terrible people but that is a completely different topic-this entry is about Ms. Arias. I do not believe she deserves death, and I hope the jury agrees with me in September.Jodi Arias reacts as a guilty verdict is read in her first-degree murder trial in Phoenix

Death The One Thing Money Cannot Control

I am shaken up over the tragic death of actor Cory Monteith, although I am not a “gleek”, I did get the honor of sharing a couple of moments in his presence. I also know a few people that met him, and said he was a wonderful human being, my heart goes out to his family, because death is something nobody ever really gets over, nothing in this world can replace the people you love. Nothing. 

We begin life pure, wholesome and untainted. Than as our lives begin to progress some of us have horrible experiences, ones that can perpetuate endless cycles of poor behavior. Unfortunately, for Monteith his on and off again substance abuse problem cost him his life, and this breaks my heart. I hate seeing genuine people fall victim to their own emotions. I know many of his fans are teenagers, and are at one of the most fragile stages of their lives, please remember that there is a rainbow after the storm. Don’t turn to drugs to subside your pain.

I am not trying to go all Nancy Reagan on everybody, but I am very much anti-drugs. There are so many different ways to cope with sadness, writing is one of the best therapies, because you can create anything you want when you are making a story, a song, a poem, whatever. Finding a healthy hobby like working out can make you feel and look better plus its inexpensive! Hiking=free! Walking=free! Running=Free! Most gyms=cheap (you get the picture right?!) You can also get your negative energy out by talking with friends, painting, drawing, anything artistic, you don’t need drugs! They only make your problems worse. When you face problems, such as drug abuse so do the people that love you the most. They also become victimized by your addiction. Regardless of who you are there is someone out there that loves you, I promise. 

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world, because NOTHING will ever bring them back, the people you love most are completely irreplaceable. They could be there in front of your face laughing and the next moment lifeless in a coffin. The shittiest thing in the world is to see someones name written on a stone. If you are going through a tough time in your life remember there is always hope, and success is determined by how many times you stumbled, and had the strength to get right back up and try again! 

xoxoxo- JP

A Girls Guide To Guys On Getting Laid

I think MOST  straight men would agree that sometimes they have difficulties with the opposite sex, that is getting the opposite sex to have sex with them. Wow so many sexes in one terrible sentence. Below are some tips on how to get “laid”.

1. I do not care about what Hollywood tries to shove down our throats, there is a league zone and people typically date & fuck those that are within their attractiveness range. You will rarely see a 5 with a 10, it just doesnt work that way, we are genetically designed to mate with the best looking person we can find. With that being said, I am sure you know where you stand as far as attractiveness goes, go for a girl you think is within the same level as yourself. 

2. Read her body language. If you are on a date with a girl and shes playing with her hair or sitting with her legs uncrossed, chances are she has thought about having sex with you. 

3. Its all in the text messages, if she frequently texts with one word responses like LOL, haha, omg, whatever, you get the idea chances are she has zero interest in sleeping with you.

4. She talks about sex with you, opening up about sex is a touchy subject for most females, we usually do not discuss sex with guys unless we have thought about doing it with them.

5. Place your hand on her shoulder or casually touch her while having a conversation and see how she reacts to you. Obviously don’t go touching her boobs or ass, the shoulder is your best bet. If she does not look at you with a “what the hell are you doing” look its safe to say she is comfortable with you.

6. She mentions other guys around you, this is the easiest way to tell a guy you have zero interest in him or simply do not find him attractive without hurting his feelings. I usually pick a guy that looks the complete opposite of who I am talking with.

7. This is obvious, she sends flirty text messages to you.

8. If you have been hanging out with a girl for a while, everything is going well she is laughing, your having a good time it is safe to say you can kiss her. Personally, I experienced guys lean in and completely chicken out haha suckerrssss! I know that initial kiss is super awkward, and kind of nerve racking but if you feel it in your gut go for it, chances are she wants you to. 

9. Learn how to dress, look like you give a shit. Its sexy we like it when a guy matches his belt with his shoes and shirt it shows he cares. Throw away those jeans that you have been wearing for the past five years that are now torn, have holes in them and are faded because your not getting laid in them trust me.

10. Take care of your body, we really dont care about how big your biceps are or how ripped those abs are, what we do care about is that you put some effort into maintaining a healthy weight. Plus guys that work out are usually better in bed and have more energy,

11. You see a cute girl in a bar, how do you strike up a conversation with her? Well here is the deal if she is with a group of girls that is always a tough challenge because girls are like tigers, we are ready to tear apart any guy with think isnt good enough for our girls. The best way to approach her is to make eye contact with her if she ignores you dont even bother, if she looks back smiles, go over and say hi, simply ask how is your night going? Is this the first time your here? Than ask to buy her a drink, and just have a conversation. Talk about work, music, events that are happening in your city, news, movies etc!

I am not expert, however I do have a vagina I hope these tips help!!

What Happens When Your Mother Tells You She Is Fat

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Awesome Åshild

I stumbled upon this very interesting article today, an open letter from a daughter to her mum, about how she was seven years old when she discovered her mum was fat, ugly and horrible. Because her mum told her so herself and mums don’t lie. I recommend reading it here, it is so true how mothers are role models for their daughters and they can affect their daughter’s whole life by worrying about their weight. I am lucky enough to have a mum who has never been on a diet. She is strong and brave and I have never heard her say ‘I can’t do that‘ because she is more of a handyman than most guys I know. I have never heard her say ‘I can’t eat that‘ either. She is not the skinniest woman on earth, thankfully, because I don’t think a skinny woman…

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