Music How I Always Adore You.

When I was two years old, I used to rap Ice Ice Baby; my parents recorded music videos on VHS, because they made me shut up. I clearly remember being mesmerized by Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract music video, and just loving music! I understood lyrics at a young age, and always had appreciation for older music. Below are some of my favorite no particular order…hope you enjoy and share some of yours. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Journey- Faithfully

Prince-When The Doves Cry

Billy Joel- Only The Good Die Young

Bon Jovi- Bed Of Roses

Bon Jovi- Living In Sin

The Goo Goo Dolls- Black Balloon

The Goo Goo Dolls- Flat Top

Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nat King Cole- Unforgettable

Madonna- Vogue

TLC- Waterfalls

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houstan- When You Believe



I watched a documentary called Sluts, I found it on YouTube, and was instantly intrigued by what the females in it were saying. The documentary was about how some women are ostracized by their peers, allowing them to feel alienated, and somewhat hated. Many of these girls were victims of horrible rumors, and suffered emotional pain due to others harsh criticism. 

One girl explained how unfair it is to call a woman a “slut”. Boys do not suffer the same scrutiny as girls in regards to their sexuality. A girl sleeps with many boys she is a “slut”, a boy does it and he is a “player”. What the fuck is that shit about? Personally, I do not care about how many guys a girl sleeps with, what I do care about is that she is being safe, using contraception, and not using sex as a weapon or a way to make her feel powerful. Than sex becomes unhealthy. 

We need to teach our youth how to judge people based on the content of their character. Just becomes a female has a lot of sexual partners does not make her a “slut”, would you belittle a male for doing this? Probably not because society says its okay. He is just being a man! 

One girl felt so bad that people were calling her a slut, because ironically she remained a virgin throughout her high school years. Another girl explained how she lived in a group home, and there was called a prude however she was called a slut in school. She could never win!

It saddens me to watch women put each other down, we need to stick together, and support one another, help each other rise! Putting another female down because of who she chooses to sleep with is not okay, and frankly it is not your business unless she is a close friend or relative and causing harm to her body, and surroundings. 

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Let’s Bring More Sex Into America’s Education System

In America the majority of public schools require students to attend class until the age of 16, this is when they are given the opportunity to drop out of high school. Those that earn their high school diploma spent nearly thirteen years getting “educated”, learning how to read, write, basic math, and may have participated in extracurricular activities such as sports. What our education system fails to do is educate our youth on vital subjects that need to be addressed. We do not teach our youth how to master a job interview, how to manage their money, how to think outside of the box, and challenge others. The biggest thing many public schools fail to provide its students is Sex Education. Let’s bring more sex into our public schools.

Parents wake up, and smell the coffee. Whether you like it or not your teenager is probably having sex, thinking about doing it, or beginning to experiment with sexual activities. I know you are dreading the moment where you are forced to discuss the topic that is still considered taboo among many Americans, but the truth is it is very important to your child’s well being. Sex is healthy, sex is normal, and its fun. Which is why your teenager is thinking about doing it or already has done it. 

I strongly believe that ALL public schools in the United States should require students to take, and pass a Sex Education course beginning in the eighth grade. I believe they should be required to take one every single year until they graduate high school. These courses should educate students on: different contraceptive methods, economics, and the cost of raising a child, sexually transmitted diseases, and how to raise a child with a learning disability. You make not feel like the last one has anything to do with Sex Education, however I feel like people do not think about these things. Raising a handicapped child, or one with a disability is tough, they need extra love, and care. If a couple is financially struggling, that child could suffer twice as much.

When I was in eight grade, the class was required to participate in a program called T.A.S.K., I honestly cannot even fathom what it stood for. I clearly remember a young girl lecturing us about how sex is a gift, and you should share it with someone you truly love, your husband/wife. All they did was shove the idea that sex should wait until marriage down our throats. There was a significant amount of students already having sex, they sat in the back of the classroom rolling their eyes. It was lame, than again the city I lived in was ran by Mormons. I do not have anything against the Mormon community, however I think many of them are in lala land, and do not comprehend the idea that most of us do not want to be married by the age of 18, have six children, and smile like we are in a tooth paste commercial all day long. 

Here is a quote from a CBS News Article

“STIs take a big health and economic toll on men and women in the United States, especially our youth,” CDC epidemiologist Dr. Catherine Lindsey Satterwhite, who led one of the studies, told NBC News”

In Massachusetts, there is a school district trying to get a stronger sex education program into its schools, both inside and outside of their education system. They have a high teen pregnancy, therefore they believe strengthening their sex education will help to decrease this issue.

In conclusion, teenagers are going to have sex whether their parents approve of it or not. Why not educate our youth on proper contraceptive methods, the difficulties of being a parent, and the cost! 

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Jodi Arias


Jodi Arias’s murder trial has been getting national attention, because it is a story we frequently do not hear about, rarely do we ever see doll faced innocent looking girls like Arias commit such a violent crime. The story is already being created into a film, and people are labeling her a Femme Fatale. I believe Arias is 1000 percent guilty, she clearly committed murder, and lied about in numerous ways. Clearly the well-spoken brunette is not all mentally there.

Aside from that, I do not believe Arias had a fair trial. I believe everyone, regardless of the crime they committed deserves a fair trial, and Arias’s attorney’s failed to represent her in a fair manner. Towards the end they gave up. They completely messed up by putting Travis’s ex-girlfriend on the stand, it is completely stupid to ask a witness yes or no questions, because they could easily backfire!

This is how I would have questioned her:

Was Travis faithful to you? When she said no, I would have said..

How long did it take you to find out about this other woman?

How many women did he cheat on you with?

Travis was engaging in sexual intercourse with Ms. Arias, despite his Mormon religion. Were you also sexually involved with him?

How did it make you feel when you found out he was cheating on you with Ms. Arias?

Did Travis ever mention Jodi was stalking him? When she said yes…I would have said.

If Travis was so terrified by Ms. Arias, and believed she was stalking him, why did he continue to see her?

I do not condone what Jodi Arias did, because murder is never okay. I do however believe the media loves to manipulate people, and paint pictures of what someone dead was like when they were living. From what I can see, I think Travis was anything but a nice person. Arias was clearly in love with him to the point of obsession, sure he broke it off with her yet he continued to have sex with her, and hid her from his friends. That is NOT okay. He began toying with someones emotions. He also briefly mentioned how sexually attracted he was to 12 year old females, during a phone conversation with Arias.

Like I said earlier, I do not believe murder is the answer to anything. If I was Travis, I would have told Arias to fuck off, leave me alone, or I will get a restraining order, but he did not. He joked about her with his friends, telling them if he ever ended up dead, she probably was the one who did it. Why would someone continue to open the door to a woman he felt was that crazy? Was the sex really that amazing?

I believe Arias’s attorney’s should have done their job the proper way, and not have given up. I believe you continue to fight, regardless of knowing you are going to lose. Sometimes you have to get in the batting cage when you are up against a great pitcher, and still swing. I also believe she should have never pleaded innocent, when there was a significant amount of evidence pointing right in her direction. She should have pleaded guilty to manslaughter. She should have said, I was in love with Travis, and after we had sex he informed me he was going to Cancun with another woman, and I completely lost it, I was so angry, I killed him. You cannot say it was self-defense when you do not have any defense wounds!!!

Anyways, I am out for the day.

Mean Girls & Mean Boys

Growing up I was often victimized by the mean girls, and boys at school. I was awkward, incredibly bright, and without a doubt an ugly duckling. Throughout my adolescence I experienced peers calling me everything from ugly, to scrutinizing the size of my nose, and only wanting to befriend me, because I was intelligent. I used to be extremely insecure, I used to despise my own reflection, and wanted the popular kids to like me. I remember I let guys say some messed up shit to me when I was a teenager, because I did not like myself! Ugh. As an adult, I would tell these losers off so fast it would make their head spin! I can honestly say, I LOVE MYSELF. It took a while, but you know what? I am the pick of the litter, and so are most women, they just need to learn to see it with their own two eyes. The majority of mean girls and boys do not go anywhere in life. They get fat, and live mediocre lives. You know Tom Hanks was a weirdo in high school? You know Stephen Speilberg was made fun of in high school because he was odd, and creative? Kesha was poked fun at because she was “fat”, and when she told her peers I am going to be a rock star, they laughed. Kurt Cobain was also bullied because he was so thin. Brilliant people are usually punched down a couple of times, because the mean girls and boys are too dumb to comprehend their minds. If you are currently a target for these dip shits, remember one thing, those bullies are targeting you because there is something you have that they dont. Don’t let them get to you, and if someone is putting you down give it right back to them, you watch how fast they shut up once the tables are turned. 

7,000 Words In.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. I remember the first sentence I ever learned was See Me. Writing was a way for me to express myself, and with a pencil, and a piece of lined paper I could create anything I wanted. I am writing my first Young Adult fiction book. I am a published writer, I contributed articles to, Food World News, and frequently write reviews for Hollywood Junket. I enjoy writing Entertainment articles, and expressing my thoughts on television shows, I love to critique and put my two sense into everything, however creative writing is my passion. The characters I am creating with the first draft of this book are marvelous. One of them in particular is what I wish I could have been at 16 years old. She is witty, beautiful, intelligent, and not afraid to voice her opinion. The asshole in my story will fall madly in love with her, so cliche, I know but every book needs some romance. My book will incorporate romance into the story plot, however there will also be complex concepts. My book’s main point is to be forgiving, so many of my characters will suffer, but forgiveness allows them to heal, one particular character will never heal and she will do something tragic in the end of the story, one must remember an eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind-Gandhi

Writing is therapeutic, it allows me to get some sort of revenge on people that scarred me. I know that is immature, but whatever there is one particular person I will HATE until I die. I wish I could go back in time, and stand up to him, I wish I could run into him now, and break his nose. He is a complete piece of shit, and I hope his life sucks now, for he will have one hell of a horrible life in my book. I have not written a character for this asshole yet, I thought about killing him in my story, but that is stupid, I would much rather destroy his life. I still cant believe I sat there frozen like an ice cube, and allowed him to talk down to me like the way he did, what the hell was I thinking? Oh how I resent some parts about my teenage years, I have no idea what happened in real life to this prick, however I would imagine him getting really fat, with a shitty job, and a dog that does not like him. I have this vision of me being stopped at a redlight looking like dynamite in a brand new Lexus, and looking over to see him in some old beat up truck with a cigarette in his hand, and tears in his eyes, I would totally look over, smile and than roll my eyes at him, and speed off. SCREW HIM!!!

There will also be other characters inspired by wonderful people I have met. People I admire, strong people, that have not had it easy. I absolutely LOVEEEEE people that came from rough childhoods, I feel so much sympathy for these people, and think they are so fucking amazing. Right now my story is alittle over 7,000 words..