“Sluts” “Whores” & Good Girls

Terms such as slut, whore, ho, tramp, skank (the list can go on) are often used to ostracize a female that society believes lacks morals due to her promiscuous behavior. She may dress in revealing clothing, have too many sex partners or might even oppose some sort of a threat to both males and females. A woman that does not conform to how society says she should act in terms of sexuality. For society says its perfectly fine for a guy to sleep with as many women as he wants, because it only enhances their masculinity. Some of these men are often coined “players”, because they can get a significant amount of women in bed with them. Essentially a males promiscuous behavior is often rewarded where as a female gets scrutinized. One time someone told me well, a key that can open any lock is called a master key however a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock. I am glad they compared the human genitals to pencils and sharpeners. Anyways, here is my point with this blog entry, I do not think it is fair that women get judged for the number of sex partners they have if it happens to be considered “too many” yet a man gets a pat on the back. Personally, I believe BOTH genders need to be cautious, practice safe sex and understand that 25% of the population has an STD.

Good girls are people women that appear “good” meaning they do not challenge societies norms in terms of sexuality, they dress conservatively and probably have not smoked a cigarette or gone over the speed limit. I am just kidding people, when I think of a “good” girl I simply think of someone like Marcia Brady, clean cut, well mannered, intelligent, respectful and humble. Someone you want as your neighbor or your co-worker because they are sweet like apple pie. There is nothing wrong with being either type of woman, as long as your happy, sincere and healthy. 

Note: I hope you enjoyed this blog entry I write a few times a week, and am currently working on my first young adult book, of course it is juicy and instilled with controversial subject matters and my females are strong characters….I also vlog and make quirky youtube videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/JaclynTime



America Should Legalize Prostitution

I think prostitution should be legal. Why? Because if a man or a woman wants to pay for sex, I believe the government has no right to intervene. Some believe prostitution is morally wrong, therefore it should never be legalized in the states. Anything sex related will always be taboo in America. A politician cheats on his wife, we all seem appalled. I knew someone from England and he told me in Europe they pat the politician on the back and ask “how old was she?” I am not suggesting infidelity is not a big deal, however I am not shocked when I hear about because I believe a lot of men cheat especially politicians and wealthier men. Let is a different topic I shall get into another day.

If a man or a woman wants to engage in sexual activity for compensation, I do not see any issue. It is THEIR body, and if they were tested for sexually transmitted diseases on a regular basis, treated with respect, and paid taxes like any other employed person in America. I do not see what the big deal is. Sometimes people with important positions do not have time to date or find a potential sex partner, because they are too busy traveling, and working. 

I know there is the infamous Bunny Ranch located in Nevada, it is notorious for its beautiful women willing to sell sex. One of them went on the Tyra Banks show explaining she makes a large amount of money for working short hours. She uses the money to help her mother with her medical bills, and I believe had a college degree. She was well spoken, and I could see she was business savvy. She did not look like what society has conditioned us to believe a prostitute looks like. Marie Claire wrote an article about Brooke nearly five years ago. They discussed how she came from humble beginnings, and was a well grounded high school student. She did not start having sex until she was 19 years old. 

I believe prostitution should be legalized, and monitored because than anyone can have sex whenever they desire. I do not think people should be allowed to do it privately in their own home, that should remain illegal. It is risky for both participants. There should be brothels, both participants should be tested for STDs prior to the sex, and of course taxes should be paid. You think most people in America would agree with me? Why or Why not? 

Blondes Are Dumb And Fat People Are Lazy

We are surrounded by them weekly, maybe some of us face them daily. They can cause people to view others in a specific way, and this can sever potential relationships, and cause violence. These ideas are frequently seen in movies, television, and our every day lives. You see a pretty blonde girl you may automatically believe she is lacking anything inside of her skull, I mean really the only attribute she has to offer to society is her beauty. You are sitting on a bench watching an overweight person sluggishly stroll by, you think to yourself…they are that way because they are lazy. 

We are quick to judge one another, because of stereotypes. We often see them in movies, and will continue to do so because they are easy to comprehend. The dumbest of the dumb  can understand while watching a movie that a pretty girl is a bimbo, lacking any significant knowledge,  or a poor looking African American male is a thug. Asians are incredibly smart, good at math, and many speak with a broken English accent. 

All of these things are clearly not true, however there are some ignorant people that believe they are. They are individuals that are quick to judge a book by its cover, and are too lazy enough to even attempt to go past the cover to the intro page. 

It is 2013, I think it is about time we begin to look past the exterior of people to figure out who they truly are. Everyone has their own story, their own pain and success. When we think with an ignorant mind we miss out on some wonderful friendships, and relationships. Image 

I Would Never Marry Someone That Is Ugly.

At first glance you make think I am shallow, mean, and superficial, however I believe I am human and only doing what genetics forced me to do. I would never marry someone that is ugly, because I believe you have to be physically attracted to the person you are spending your life. A superficial person marries someone because they are attractive or for their money. This is something I have zero desire to do. It would be a waist of my time, I want someone that has a personality that complements mine, and has an appearance I find attractive. 

I also do not believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Most of us know where we stand in terms of our attractiveness level. There is scientific evidence to support that how attractive a human is correlated with their facial features, hip to waist ratio, and skin. People tend to mate within their own attractiveness level, and I do believe this is true, of course there are some exceptions to the rule. 

I am sure most people would agree with me that they would not marry someone they did not have physical chemistry with, because that is a disaster waiting to happen! I also would never marry a guy who is not as intelligent as myself. I may act like an idiot, and say foolish things sometimes, but I am quite a brain. I am funny, sarcastic, snarky, and a total spit fire. People like me are tough to handle, which is why I am a pain in the ass to date.

I know one day I will find someone to handle me until than in the words of Madonna, second best is never enough you’ll do much better baby on your own.

Quit Blaming Your Big Waistline On The Media

America has a huge problem with obesity. Now the issue is affecting our youth; according to the American Heart Association nearly 23.9 children ages 2-19 are either overweight or obese. 

I recently watched a documentary on obesity, it is on Netflix. Biochemists explained that humans cannot help the fact that we are frequently hungry. We are biologically programmed to like to eat, because we needed to consume large amount of calories in order to survive. In previous generations, having the ability to consume a large amount of calories was rare, so humans had to take advantage of it, those that could not easily store fat could not survive. In modern times, humans can consume thousands of calories in just one sitting, for a cheap price, allowing their waist lines to suffer. 

Than there is this small powerful medium called television. Television often sets the standards for what is beautiful, and what is not. We are frequently exposed to “thin” or “skinny” celebrities, whom are glorified because of their “stunning” looks. Magazine covers often show thinner women on their covers, which can perpetuate eating disorders. Here is the thing, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer thin, other prefer curvy, some even prefer someone alittle soft, and chubby. I think the main issue here has nothing to do with ridiculous beauty standards, I believe it has to do with health. When I see someone that is obese, I do not find them attractive. Why? To me it is just unhealthy. I do not believe a certain dress size determines how pretty or ugly a woman is, however I do believe that health does. I think people should be more concerned with their body fat percentage than what Glamour shoves down their throats. 

People must also understand every image the media shows you, is photo shopped. Models do not even look like models, that advertisement selling you clothing has taken that model, and generated a fabricated, more “attractive” version of what that person looks like. They slim waists, whiten teeth, add larger breasts, brighten their eyes, etc. I think it is sad, that people especially younger ones feel the need to compare themselves to an image that almost appears cartoon like, because it doesnt even look like the real model. 

People often blame television, magazines for their poor body image, and I lack empathy for them. Who gives a shit? Take care of your body, and your gut will not pour over your jeans. You take care of your body, and it will take care of you.


I’m out-



“When someone is mean to me I just make them a victim in my next book- Mary Higgins Clark

I am over 9,000 words in now, and unfortunately experiencing writers block, therefore I wish to express my thoughts through this blog. I feel like writing about random topics helps provoke my thoughts. I found the quote above, and thought it was quite interesting, because originally I wanted to get back at people that did me wrong and make them victims in my story, however now I have come to conclusion that I want to vilify them and than redeem them. I think people that are assholes are that way because somewhere along the line they were victimized. I also believe that I was just a punching bag for these idiots, in no way shape or form does it excuse their lack of compassion, and rude behavior but you know what we are all people. We all bleed blood, and cry tears. That is one point I hope people to will see in my story, its important to forgive people because if you dont they had the last laugh, and what fun is that?